Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July 1, 2013

Okay, so this is gonna be a really really quick email, and I mean this for real haha. This week was good. Tuesday was sad. We had our family history activity, and only the elders, us, the Familia Pinto, and two recent converts of the elders (only because the elders brought them) came. Not even all the people we asked to speak came! It was sad, but it still turned out really good anyway, it was just a bummer because we made posters and we even handed out over 100 invites to people we met in the street and no one came except our really awesome family and our elders. That's fine, they just missed out on our chocolate chip cookies. Speaking of which, I need a good recipe for them, could you send me one?  Then we found out that Elder Semedo was getting an emergency transfer! It was super sad. I cried haha. Who will I say Sai pa fora! (Creole) and Iniquidade! with now?! He was great. Cape Verdianos are the best ever. One of them though, the poor thing, caught some bug this week and he's been throwing up for days and I think I heard the word "blood" mentioned with that throw up! Yikes! I feel really bad for him. Oh, and I finally was able to read a letter that Dad sent me in the CTM (it was in Portuguese and I've finally advanced enough to read it) tell him that they don't say the same thing as the Brasilieros, but instead they say "Não eh?"  Oh, and I broke my bracelet, the one from China! I didn't cry, but I'm really sad, I guess I'll just have to go back and get another, but I still have a really awesome tan line from it! I don't really remember much of the other days, mainly they consist of lots of walking, but we did have some cool things happen. We ran into a woman who said she'd driven by the chapel two weeks ago and seen two women standing in front singing (us! we always sing during the tours so that we can invite the spirit and draw eleitos!) and she told her husband that she wanted to stop by some time. That was really awesome. We're meeting with her this week. Most of the other good things we have had this week are because of the chapel tours, they're a really good idea, I'm glad that I thought to steal them from Dakota haha. Plus this week, the 1st Presidency did a really cool transmission about missionary work and members (it's on the website called the Work of Salvation or something ruther) and it was really amazing, and the chapel tour things are really inspired because they announced that we will now be doing it every week all over the world! Plus we will be using Facebook and blogs and other internet things! Should be great. I'm excited!  I also saw Sarah Eisert on the broadcast, so that was cool too!

Well, got to go!

Love you all!

Sister Wach

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