Monday, July 8, 2013

Oi Mãe!

Desculpa! I don't remember getting any questions from last week. I didn't get a letter with money in it. I did get a very cute package with sunshine, so thank you very much! Did you send the one with money to my apartment or to the mission home? If you sent it to the mission home, we only get mail once every 6 weeks and we won't be getting it until the 22 of Julho. President and Sister Fluckiger are coming for a Zone conference and all the missionaries from Terceira are coming too. Terceira is where the US military base is, so maybe they'll bring me some treats;). By the way, my address is not Rua do "Pain"! Though that would make sense hehe. But no, it's "Paim." The letters still come, but Sister Davis and I always laugh at them. Oh, and with my ears, we figured out what could be wrong. The Mission Doctor, who is serving in Germany (it's weird to talk to him because it's hard to speak in English to him because he only speaks English and we hardly ever speak English) called a doctor in Salt Lake and told him my symptoms and he said that it's my jaw not my ears! I think he called it TMJ? Well I was on a good little liquid diet where Sister Davis ate tons of good foods in front of me and I had to eat sopa:P. Lame sauce. I have to take 4 ibuprofens every 8 hours and I'm also not allowed to eat anything hard, including lettuce or bread. It's hard to eat only liquids when your a missionary. We went and visited Irmão Ernesto and Irmã Lourdes this week, some members from the ward, because Irmão Ernesto had had surgery, and we took them a small gift, and of course they fed us. And of course what they fed us was lettuce, bread, and eggs. Two of three of the things aren't allowed! I don't think I've ever eaten so much lettuce. Oh, and you'll be happy to know that I'm drinking milk again and yogurt too. Every day. Only the milk probably cancels out since I put tons of Nesquick in there! 

You'll also be proud of me because I went three whole days without showering! The hottest days on the island so far! I went from three showers at home with you to none here!;) We didn't have water in our apartment and since we live at the top of a huge hill, it's kind of hard to lug up enough water to bathe, so we only got enough to drink. I'm gonna have some great arm muscles when I get home;). But the water was out because someone hadn't paid the bill in April... which we weren't even in that apartment for, so that was annoying because we had to take time out of our schedules to go and pay the bill, which took us 3 days to find the time to go. I've never felt so yucky in my life haha. It was good though. I now know that I can survive sem showers;). 

Oh, and the woman that I talked about last week, or at least I think I talked about her? Well, her name is Maria do Carmo, and we met her with the chapel tours, and she was walking past and yelled at us that she needed to call us and that she had our number, and so she called and we set up an appointment. Well, we met with her, and we had Irmã Teotonia with us, the president of the Sociedade Socorro, and it was just a big hilarious thing. Turns out they knew each other, they used to work together, so that was great. But we got to the chapel and we invited her in, and she was kind of shocked that we were going to meet inside. But she came in and she started talking all about how Sister Davis and I need help! She was talking about our acne! Which mine is way way way way way way bad. She called Sister Davis "blotchy" and me just plain zitty. Hehe. Turns out she works for some company that sells stuff for it. So she goes off about how it's because of something with my liver and how she can fix it. Then we told her that we didn't have money and she said well think about it and she gave us a pamphlet to look at. Then we taught her the first lesson! It was really cool and she is muito simpática! If she gets baptized then Sister Davis and I will be thankful for our zits! We met with her again after, and we're meeting with her this week too, so we can only hope:). The members are crazy about our zits too. I didn't have acne really bad until I got here (I thought I did, but who was I kidding:)) but it's so bad right now. But Irmã Pinto is the cutest thing. Haha, she bought me baby powder to put on my face and some random cream that is gross. The baby powder is actually working, but it's a lot of fun to wear at night. I'll send a picture. I'll just think of my acne as a blessing, at least it keeps the groody men away;).

We have a man that we're teaching who is really awesome. His name is José and he's Portuguese and speaks only Portuguese, but he is here working for a little while before he moves back to Canada. Turns out there are lots of Portuguese people in Canada and in Boston, MA. But he's great. We met him with the chapel tour and we've marked him to be baptized on the 21 of Julho! I think he actually will be! He's been working really hard and has not been smoking or drinking coffee. He has also been to church twice, two weeks in a row. He was even sick this week and he still came (which is bad and good haha). He prayed and he knows the Book of Mormon is true because he was praying and he looked up and saw two lights flick on, like Jesus and Pai Celestial appearing to Joseph Smith, and took that as his answer. When we showed him the baptismal font he said that he had had a dream about it too. He is also on time and always shows up for our compromissos!

Well, I've got to go!

Love you all, have a great week!

Love always,

Sister Wach

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