Monday, July 22, 2013

Olá Mãe!

Well, this week was good. We did lots of walking and lots of teaching. We baptized an homem the other day, my first baptism (baptism is a weird word to spell, in Continental Portuguese it's batismo and in Brazilian it's baptismo, and so it's really hard for me to type:)), and the guy is awesome! He's moving though, he lives in Canada and was just here for the summer (turns out that there are lots of Portuguese people in Canada and in Boston, MA also), so that's sad. We found out though that he lives with his sister there and she lives right next to the temple! We showed him a picture (I had one in my wallet of the Toronto Temple, as crazy as that sounds, that I got from my BYU ward, the teacher served there and she gave all of us in the RS one, and for some reason I kept it there, but now I'm gonna use it!:)), and he was like, I've seen this building before! I live right by it! So that's awesome, we're excited to teach about temples and prep him for being able to go in. His baptism was good.  /The water in the font was cold! One of the pipes broke and the chapel ran out of gas, and so we tried to fill it with as much hot sink water as we could mixed with the cold water until we ran out of gas, and then we tried to boil water, but the stove broke! We've decided that technology is not on the Lord's side. José was a trooper though and he still got baptized. I wouldn't have. You couldn't have dragged me into that cold water! But then he bore his testimony afterwards, and he did great. Though he called S. Davis and I liars because we promised he'd have hot water. It was funny. Turns out that a lot of the things he says are funny. But he said that he'd never been happier and that this was what he'd been looking for. Ah, I'm so excited for him! 

We had some other cool stuff happen this week. We taught lots of member present lessons, more that other lessons, we taught 9 member present lessons, and our members helped a lot this week (well, the usual ones). But one of them Moisés, he was great. We ran into a man that knew him, and we scheduled to teach him, so we brought Moisés along, and it didn't last long, the man didn't have time to talk, so then we were like okay, well you don't have to hang out with us because we have other plans, but it's a long walk, but he said he would come too. So we went there and no one answered, and so I asked him if he knew of any menos activos and he said yes, so we started walking with him, and we ended up in the Elderes area and while we were walking we ran into a man we had taught a few times, only to have Moisés say that this man was already a member! He'd been baptized 15 years before! Moisés invited him to church and he actually came, so that was awesome! Then we kept walking and we ran into a MA that we were going to teach later that evening who told us he couldn't talk to us later, so I was like well what about now, and so he said yeah, and we walked (back into our area:)) and we taught him. Moisés was awesome. He invited some other lady that lived in the same house to come down and talk to us, and he just handed her a BOM without saying anything else except that it was about Jesus and that we would come back and tell her more about it, so we scheduled a time to meet with her. Then we taught the MA and Moisés invited him to church and said he would walk past and get him and the wife. He was awesome because he totally did it and they came, and THEN he went and drove really far to pick up one of our other investigators and her family. Moisés and his family are awesome. We also had something funny happen. We were walking to an appointment and we knocked on the door and we asked for the lady, Maria Cordeiro, and the lady who answered gave us a funny look and said it wasn't her, and we knew it wasn't, so we introduced ourselves and the church, and scheduled to talk with her, only to realize we hadn't asked her name, so we did, and it was... ready for this? Maria Cordeiro. Haha. Only in Portugal. They have a list of names that they can pick from to name their kids and nothing else. So everyone is named João, Rui, José, Maria, Gorretty, and Conceição. Oh, and on the way there, we talked with a João, with grubby hands, that we didn't think anything would happen with, and we gave him a pamphlet with our number on it, and he read the whole thing, and then he called us and said he wants to meet with us! Kind of crazy! Sister Davis says that doesn't happen very often, which I believe.

Speaking of Sister Davis! She goes home so soon, it's kind of crazy! I can't even believe it. I told her to think of me while she's laying in her bed resting and I'm trudging uphill with our groceries;)

Well, I'm almost out of time. So I'll say goodbye:) Hope you have a good week, and if anyone has sent anything, I haven't gotten it yet, our Zone Conference with president got moved to Friday, so I'll get stuff then:). Oh, guess what, something else funny happened, today, our electricity went out! I think someone didn't pay for April for all of the bills, our gas will probably go out next. Haha. Well at least all the persianas are up! It'll be interesting when we try to plan tonight and when the Sister Training Leaders come tomorrow for a division! But not having electricty is way better in my opinion than not having water haha. 
Love you all,
Have a good week, and don't forget that the gospel is true! Contact your missionaries! Send them references, help them out! 
Love ya,
Sister Wach


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