Ola Mãe
Tudo bem? Espero! All is good here, though still no word on my ears, I'm just gonna ignore them. I got a blessing from the elders so that helped a little. Poor Elder Semedo, who is from Cape Verde, he had the hardest time saying my name! Hehe. Why don't you use the computers at the library? Well, this is gonna be short, the place that we normally go to to email is closed until the 9th of July, which stinks. If you can't tell, I wasn't transfered, since this week was transfer week. In fact, our whole island stayed the same! There are 8 of us, so that is pretty cool. We're gonna go to a place called Sete Cidades next week, so that should be cool. But I will probably be here for a really long time now since I didn't get transfered, which on one hand kind of stinks since I'll probably run out of everything:P I'm gonna run out of makeup and then that will give the members of the ward something else to point out;)
This week was good. We did lots of stuff. On Monday, after we watched the movie at Irmão Francisco's house with the elders, we taught a menos activo, his name is Rui and his wife's name is Margarida, and they've been members for about 7 years. They've even been to the temple three times, but they of course let something else someone said or did keep them from coming to church. But while we were teaching I had ants crawling ALL over me! I'd set my backpack down outside and I must have set it somewhere with ants! Ahh, it was awful but hilarious now because I just stood there and we just kept teaching like nothing was happening:). Tuesday, we had almoço with the Pinto Família, which was fun. We had atum (tuna), vegetables, chocolate salome (different kinds of chocolates all together to look like a salome, and boy was it tasty!), and a really really yummy coconut treat. I still don't like fish, but we've now had it twice at the Pinto's house and both times it's been good:). Then we had an activity that the elders did for the ward and we watched the Resturation movie and we played a game where we threw water in each others faces, it was really fun. Oh, remember those new shoes I got! Well, they're absolutely fabulous for walking in, and the brand is called 'InSpirit' hehehe, so we're walking 'inspirit.' Wednesday, we worked on posters for our activity. I have pictures of them, but I don't have time to send them today. By the way, thanks for the info about our family, tell Aunt Wanda thanks a ton! Then we ate at Burger King one day! It was tasty! We had a meeting with the elders and we hadn't eaten and didn't have time to go to the apartment to eat and so we ate there instead. Then we had chapel tours, which were cool, though no one came in, we talked with lots of awesome people. There was one lady who came and talked with Elders Fuller and Semedo and Elder Fuller asked her if she would leave him standing on the door step instead of let him in, and she said 'not with those eyes!' Elder got so so red, it was hilarious! Then we walked to Relva again and it was hot and awful. Then we had a miracle where we were looking for a MA and we hadn't been able to find her, and Sister Davis felt like we should talk to this lady at a bus stop, and it was her, it was awesome! Then the elders had a baptism this week, and it was great. The boy even wore a suit, he didn't have a tie, but he was so cute and so excited, he even made himself an 'Elder' tag out of paper to copy the elders. He's only 12, so I hope he keeps up the desire to serve. We also got roped into choir. The choir needed sopranos (which S. Davis is not) and the performance they're doing, a tribute to JS, is next week. It's gonna be interesting because we don't know the music. Well, got to go! We're going to a garden with Cátia, a 15 year old member of the ward. She's awesome! I wish I had been like her! She calls us and asks us if she can help us all the time and then she spends all day with us. I wish I had been like that. Ryan should help the missionaries because he's old enough. Love you all! Have a great week! Talk to you all later!
Love always,
Sister Wach