Monday, February 24, 2014

Hey Mommy!
Love the pictures, looks like it was really fun! Oh, and Tay is SUPER tall! Wow! That's cool that you got to see Sister Pinto, I just talked to her the other day. I told her to tell you I said hi! Haha. 
This week was good. A little bit crazy, but good. Monday, we went to Lisboa and we just kind of wandered around. Tuesday I don't even remember what we did. Then Wednesday we had divisions with the Sister Training Leaders. It went well. Sister Call and I took Manuel with us, and it was really cool for him. We found more people in those few hours than I have in any day in my whole mission! Manuel did some of the contacts just by himself and kept telling people he would call them or pass by to take them to church. He did great. We even ended up getting dinner because one of the doors we knocked gave us dinner! Manuel afterward was like "I was really hungry and I was praying and Heavenly Father answered my prayers!" He's awesome haha. Though, in one of the houses, Sister Call´s camera got stolen. She left her bag in another room with the son of a family and we went and saw their baby. Oops, later we realized it was gone. On Thursday we went and we got the camera back. Talk about a miracle! We weren't exactly sure how we were gonna do it, but we went to the apartment and we knocked and said we'd left something. We explained to the mother that we thought maybe the camera had "fallen out of S. Call´s bag." She got the hint and she called up the son on the phone and she chewed him out in Creole. Then she went and found it in his room. Sadly all the pictures were gone, but thankfully Sister Call had saved her pictures a few days before. We did her a favor and took some really great pictures of us getting ready for bed to replace the rest (hehe). Then on Saturday  I learned something really important. We worked really hard this week looking for new people and doing contacts, and just everything seemed to keep falling. We've also been trying to do activities to strengthen our ward and Miratejo, and almost no one comes. Then Saturday, our ward mission leader planned this big activity about how the members can help to teach and what they need to be doing, and only three people came. A recent convert from the other ward, and two older members from our ward who fell asleep. The recent convert talked about how no one was taking care of him and how he was going to go inactive, and one of the other members left. It was a disaster, and I just ended up sitting at the back of the chapel on the floor crying. All I could think about was just how hard working as a missionary is when the members don't want to help and I just thought, why are we even here. Why don't we just give up. It was Satan speaking but I couldn't help it, and we went out to keep working. We ended up finding a man whose mother had just died and we were able to teach him the 2nd lesson. The spirit was really strong and even if he doesn't progress, at least he knows that Heavenly Father has a plan for us. Then on Sunday S. Warner and I had the pleasure of going to watch 5 of the people she taught in her old area get baptized. That experience just changed the whole way I was feeling. The ward is SO strong and loving there. They just reached out in love toward the new members and the missionaries and the new family was SO happy. It's things like that in the mission that make me realize that there are people here in Portugal who really are ready for the gospel and will be loved and kept strong in the gospel. I regreted those feelings from the day before. It's interesting that one of the things that I think that I've learned the most in my mission is that Heavenly Father loves us and that when things like that happen that are hard, He will turn and show his love or show us that missionary work really is worth it. I'm really grateful that I'm here and that I have the opportunity to serve here in Portugal.
Also, two funny things happened. First off, someone called us "As Primas dos √Člderes" or the cousins of the elders. No one knows who we are, so they always say weird stuff like that we're their wives or girlfriends or whatever, but that was the funniest one yet:). Then, at the baptism, I got called Branca de Neve (Snow White) like 4 times by 4 different people haha.
Love you tons! 
Sister Wach
I just thought this was cool because at 3:02, you can see Sister and President Fluckiger! Sister Fluckiger is wearing green and you can just see President's hair haha.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hey Mom!

Thanks for the emails as always.  I'm glad you got some time to rest even if it meant you were sick. I got sick this week too and it was kind of nice to just stay home for a day. I slept for like 8 hours. I think that mostly I was just super exhausted because the next day I was great again. Don't worry about transfers yet, they're on the 3rd of March, so there is one p-day left, so you could write this week and then not write the week after. I don't know if I'll actually be transfered though because we've had some interesting stuff happen this week and it's possible that Sister Warner will leave and I'll get transfer jumped. We'll see. The other sisters who were in our house are still sick. The luckies got to spend the week in the mission home! Though, they haven't left the house (they're now living in another house that was empty that belongs to the mission, thank goodness because it was really hard to leave the house to go work in the rain and wind while they were still in their pjs) in like 15 days to work, and that sounds REALLY boring. One of them goes home in 2 weeks, so that's gotta be kind of sad for her that she's not working. I'm gonna make sure that when that time finally comes around, that I don´t have any energy left and feel like I've left it all on the field.

Well, this week was good. We're still just looking for people to teach, which is kind of a bummer, but after trials comes the blessings! We´ve had lots of blessings and miracles and just funny things happen this week.

Sister Warner and I were looking to go and contact an inactive family and see if they still lived in an area, but they weren't there, and we realized that the neighborhood was really green and beautiful so we decided to walk through some gardens. While we were walking I saw these huge lines and groups of caterpillars and of course was fascinated and had to step on a few and poke them with my umbrella. Then a man came out of his garden to see what was going on, and he told us that they were poisonous (no worries, I didn't touch them with my hands) and we contacted him and he showed us his garden. It was really beautiful and we ended up teaching him about the Plan of Salvation. The Spirit was SUPER strong. I think it was the coolest contact I have ever been in. Then we marked to go to his house. Later when we tried to go back, he ended up having to leave just before we got there. His mother was there though and she answered the door. She was super grumpy. Then we introduced ourselves and she did a 180 and was SUPER nice. Turns out that he'd talked all about us and how he thought she would love to hear what we had to say. It was really cool because their family is really special. I really hope that we'll be able to teach them more in this coming week.

1. Cigano Children-
On Saturday, we were walking through a really ghetto area (our whole area is ghetto, but this was a really ghetto area) and there were a whole bunch of cigano (that means gypsy) children and they were all yelling at us "What's your name?" in English, and so we stopped to talk to them. They were super adorable, and one of them said the funniest thing! She said to us that she knew the wife of God´s name and that it was Gloria. It was cute because I can understand why she'd make that mistake in Portuguese because when you talk about the wife or girlfriend of a man, you say it like "Ana of Jos√©" and it's the way it's possessive, so in portuguese the phrase is glory of God so that would be the same thing. At home, Glory isn't a name, but here it is:). Super cute.
2. We ironed LOTS of clothes-
People here iron EVERYTHING and we offered to help out a woman we wanted to teach, and it ended up taking FOREVER!
3. We were walking and we said good night to a man walking past, and he put his hand to hide his face, like that would make it so that we couldn't see him and wouldn't contact him! Some people are just a little goofy. We laughed forever afterwards.

4. Creeper
Sister Warner has got herself a stalker! She met him on her last day in her last area (he contacted them and that was all the contact she had with him), and since then she's been getting creepy emails from him that have her nickname on them, and the other day she got a Valentine from him at the mission office, then to top it all off, this week, during church some of the young women knocked on the door of the class we were in and gave me a bag and said that someone had given it to them and said it was for Sister Warner. I got the WORST feeling and I knew immediately who it was from and what it was (I knew it was either flowers, or the part of me that watched to many crime TV shows thought it might be a hand). He'd given the young women flowers for Sister Warner and turned out he was outside! When church had ended he was outside waiting for her (too bad that he didn't come in to church and sit during sacrament because at least then we would have had someone at church...). So the elders went and yelled at him and then we got a ride home. She also got a creepy email from him today. President didn't emergency transfer her, so it's not anything to worry about. But man, sometimes I'm grateful for my acne (and that I'm not blonde) because it makes me ugly haha.

Well, it was a good week, and I love you tons!!
Love always,
Sister Wach


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hi Mom!
If anyone understand being tired, it's us missionaries:).I'm glad that things went well with the funeral and the wedding. I didn't recognize Brooke at first, she looked very pretty. I was like why in the world did my mom send me this random picture of this random wedding? But, you should be careful about what you write in your emails to missionaries, soda happens to be a soft spot for foreign missionaries, poor Sister Warner would give her right arm for a Diet Dr. Pepper or a Diet Coke. 
Well, this week was good. On Monday after I emailed, Sister Warner and I went and got our matching companionship thing, we got ourselves some super crazy and mission innapropriate skirts (they're cheetah print;)). Tuesday was good. It was a little crazy because one of the sisters in the house had gotten hurt and she can't walk and so she and her comp had spent the day in the house, and then we had another sister who was leaving and going home the next day. Then to add to it, in the morning we always sing together for companion study, and one of the sisters wanted to sing "Aonde Mandares Irei" (or "I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go"), and so we did. But, the thing about that song is that it's bad luck. If you sing it near transfers you'll either go or you'll stay but it'll not be what you want, but it'll be what the Lord wants. Well, the sister wanted to sing it and she said to us "it's bad luck, but I think that we're far enough from transfers that it will be alright," and so we sang it. Later that night, we got a call from President, and she got emergency transfered! Oops:). Then it RAINED SO SO MUCH!! It was ridiculous. Then Wednesday, Sister Duran went home, and the sister who was being emergency transfered to the house showed up. So then we had our companionship in our house, and then we had Sister Hill (the new sister, who was sick), Sister Decker (who can't walk), and Sister Rivieros (from Peru, and is 39 years old) in our house. Since Sister Decker and Sister Hill couldn't go out, we had Sister Riveiros go with us. She still has that new missionary fire (she's in her 3rd transfer) and just wants to work hard, so that's great. Nothing else interesting happened the rest of the week, but Sunday was really good. On Sunday we went to get our investigators and no one would come. So we went to church and we went to pick up before sacrament (it's the last meeting). It was raining REALLY hard, and it was REALLY windy. By the time we met with the investigator and got back, the sacrament was over and testimony meeting had started. I was really bummed about it because we hadn't had sacrament in 2 weeks because of stake conference last week. But, then I had every missionaries' dream happen. Manuel got up during fast and testimony meeting and he bore his testimony. He did SUCH a good job. He bore his testimony about the Book of Mormon, which was just really cool because he was having doubts about the Book of Mormon. He said that he had been praying to know that the Book of Mormon was true, and he went out with the elders to help them teach, and they were explaining the Book of Mormon when he said he just felt this burning feeling and knew it was his answer. Then after, Sister Warner wanted the sacrament and so we asked the ward mission leader if we could have it blessed for us, and guess who blessed it for us! Manuel! Super cool, and it was his first time, and he did amazing. He's gonna be a fabulous missionary:).
Well, it was a good week. I love you tons! Have a great week! 
Love always,
Sister Wach

P.S. You should watch this. I was watching this while I was writing you, and it was fabulous. The part about President Monson shaking all the children's hand made me tear up haha. 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hey Mommy!

Sounds like some serious fun! I'm jealous! I'm sure Brazil is great, just from hearing about it from Dad, I'm sure that it's paradise. I love Portugal.   Tell him to ask the missionaries for pamphlets too, maybe the first and the second lesson pamphlets. How did the funeral go? What a great opportunity to do missionary work! Find some references for the missionaries! Remember how you sent me a card by her of the Manti temple? Well, it's now in the hands of a recent convert, who is 13, named Ariana, who thought it was absolutely beautiful:). Good thing you sent me 2:). 

This week was good, it was a little rough, but good. We still don't have any investigators and no one is progressing, but it'll all work out. There is someone here who is prepared to hear the gospel, they're just really hidden. So pretty much all we do all day is do contacts and compete with the Jehovah´s Witnesses. There are a TON of them here. It's ridiculous. They're kind of funny, they're always little old ladies in long skirts, with pamphlets, sunglasses, boots, long coats, and crazy hair. Whenever we pass them I like to say hi, just to see the looks of shock on their faces that I said hi. Haha. They're spoiled though, they only go out on days when the sun is out. Though, that's happened a few times this week. Spring is in the air! I took off my jacket for a little while today and it was great!

Not much happened this week, but we did have something that was kind of cool. When I got to this area, there was a woman named Dica that the sisters were teaching, and I taught her once with Sister Williams and then she never was home again (turns out she got a new job), so we just stopped passing.  Then on Friday, we were looking through the Area Book for people that we could pass, and Sister Warner kept seeing the name Dica, turns out she'd been contacted a few times, and I just kind of brushed it off and said that she was never home. Then later, we contacted a girl and got her address and marked an appointment with her. Then before the appointment we contacted a young man who we see quite a bit, and he acted like he was scared of us. He wouldn't give us his contact info and said he didn't know his address or his phone number, so we just let him go and we went to the appointment with the girl. When we got there, a woman opened the door and looked at us like she knew us. Then I looked behind her in the house and recognized the house, and realized it was Dica! I didn't recognize her because I'd only seen her once before, but I'd seen what the entry to the apartment looked like because other people had opened the door. But it turned out that it was the house of the girl too. Then we talked with Dica a few minutes in the house (she asked why we'd not come back because she said she wanted to be baptized...) and we looked at their family photos and we saw a picture of the boy that we'd contacted! Turned out he was her son and the girl was her daughter! So we are going to be teaching them again. It was a miracle for sure! 

Well, I love you tons!!! 

Love always,

Sister Wach

P.S. I'm still talking in my sleep, though I think not as much because we turned the heater off because it was making it to hot and making it harder for me to sleep:).

From Ricki:  So you know what Megan is referring to:)-  Chris' younger brother David who also had cancer passed away on January 29th after his two year battle.  We went up to Eugene, OR to attend.  Chris spoke at it - he did a fantastic job:) 
Also - Chris is headed to Brazil.  He and my father are going on a cruise.  They will stop at 14 ports, mostly in Brazil where he served his mission.  After the cruise they will do some traveling and then head home from Sao Paulo, Brazil.  No - I'm not going I can't leave my babies for that long. lololo.  I'm excited for Chris to rest, be warm, go back to "paradise" (as he calls it) and eat lots of food.  He's suppose to come back tan and fat:):):):)  No he isn't well but hey - he can be sick here at home where it is cold or he can be sick where it is warm........ I sayyyyyyy go for WARM:)