Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Olá Mãe!

 I'm still doing what the doctor says, which the liquids thing was only for three days, and it was great, I ate lots of ice cream and pudding, yogurt, and flan. It was definitely not a diet. But I'm doing what he says so that I can tell him when he calls that I did what he said and that it still hasn't helped. But, I'm just doing what he said. Better to tell him that I followed through and that it didn't help than to tell him that I didn't and so I have no idea if it would have helped. My ears did feel a lot better when I was only eating liquids though.

But anyway, the mission is good. We're gonna baptize someone this week! José will be baptized on Sunday and we're super excited. He's fixe! He always reads what we leave him and then when we talk about the stuff in the next lesson he's always like I already know this! And he's sharing the gospel with the people he lives with too. He always comes to church and he is super excited to be baptized! This week, one of his kids needed to get an x-ray and the appt was scheduled for Sunday and he changed it because he said that he knew that the week of church that he missed would be the week that they would talk about answers to the questions that he had! He's SO awesome!  The chapel tours are still going really well, and Elder Brooksby, the elder who was transfered in, has lots and lots and lots of really good ideas for what to do. He and Elder Fuller have got tons of inspiration rolling around in their heads! I love them both, they're awesome! Speaking of which, we're going to Sete Cidades with them and Cátia and Ana today! I'm super excited! It's gonna be awesome! Ana has a 7 seater car and she said that she'd take us! She is awesome! Thanks for sending those places that we could visit. Sadly most of the ones that you mentioned that are nearby are closed on Mondays! Like the Cave. It's right next to our apartment, as in a two second walk, and we run past it everyday, and we were so excited to go in, but sadly we're not going to get to because it's closed:(. We're teaching some other really great people also. Our planners this week are full already and it's only Monday! They're all really firm and we're excited! One of them, her name is Gorrety, and she just has noticed all the right things. She doesn't like that babies are baptized, she doesn't like the saints, she believes that like the Bible said, we should preach the gospel, some other awesome stuff.  Tuesday, we had cake because it was Elder Fuller's birthday. Sister Davis makes yummy cakes, she put black beans in it and it was perfect:). Saturday was cool, we talked to lots of people and taught lots of good lessons. Irmã Pinto e Abraão helped us with the one that we taught José and after offered us a ride home, but we still had like 20 minutes before we could go in, and so we decided to walk up the mountain instead, but it was awesome. On the way, S. Davis wanted to talk with this family and so we did, and we started talking and the man took one look at the LdM and he was like I have this book! I'm halfway through! He's in Alma and he loves it, he told us everything and then they said that we could pass by whenever and they would be super excited to talk with us. Sunday was a little rough. We had Lourdes and José and a woman named Marina with her son Gonçolo who is 7 in church, but then in Principios do Evangelho, there was an apostate member and he got everyone all crazy and it was just a big fight during the lesson. It was sad because it was supposed to be about Casamento Eterno and it would have been perfect for Marina whose husband passed away, but instead it was just a fight. She said they´d come back again, but if I was them, I don't think I would. Afterward, we were just totally exhausted and it was a little rough because we ended up walking lots which is hard with all the hills, but it was still good. Hehe, something funny happened. There was this drunk man, and we walked past him and he was seriously weaving and we said boa tarde because we do to every person that we see, and he stopped because he wanted to talk to us, and so he said a bunch of unintelligible words except the word "Irmãzinhas" and then he took a step closer and he said "Eu não gosto vocês". It was the funniest thing, but we sure got out of there fast! Today we had someone come who is going to fix our apartment! Yeah! Last week we didn't have water, this week we had floods! So the man is fixing the kitchen sink, the bathroom sink, the light in the hall and the bathroom (some sort of electrical problema) and the window cover. Poor guy, but yeah! Oh, and we're not moving anymore. The casal isn't coming anymore, or at least they're waiting for a little longer because I guess the husband is having some sort of health problems. It's sad because we really need them. I hope they come soon. Well, I hope all is well!

Thanks for everything! Thanks for the cute package, it was fun to look at that stuff. Oh, and I don't know if I'll email this next pday because we're having zone conference with presidente on pday instead so we won't have a pday. So, don't worry if I don't email back

Love you!

Sister Wach



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