Monday, May 26, 2014

Hey Mom!
 To start off, I'm SO excited for Ryan! He is gonna LOVE it!!!! It'll be a fabulous mission. It'll be super nice too because he won't have the disadvantage of not knowing what's being said, and being able to teach like a master. Teaching in your native language makes your teaching way better. But Australia is gonna be SICK! That's crazy that he's going just before I get home! (By the way, I could probably just get into the MTC  with my employee badge from when I worked there... but that'd be cool to be in our tags together:)) sister Fluckiger told me where he would be going on Wednesday and I was so excited I couldn't even focus for the rest of the mission tour. Also Katie's baptism! So exciting! I can't really see the pictures, but I'm so proud of her!:)
So this week was really great, but also the end of it included some of the hardest days of my mission so far! We had mission tour this week, and so on Wednesday we rode the train up to lisboa and slept in the sisters house in amadora. Lisboa was ridiculously cold after being in the algarve which is super hot to going to 50 weather and everyone wearing giant coats! Thursday we had the chance to hear from Elder Keron of the 70. He did a really great job and taught us a lot of interesting things. He's a great guy. Also, I got to see Manuel (Elder Nazare) which was the coolest! Then I also found out that Natalina an investigator in Almada that I was teaching, got baptized! Then I found out about Ryan's call from Sister Fluckiger, and finally I had a personal interview with Elder Keron. I didn't get to talk to him long because I had to catch a train, but it was a really cool experience. He just expressed his gratitude for me being here and for the work that I've done. Then he prayed specifically for dad and my family. So, an apostle prayed for you all this week! Also he was excited for Ryan's call and was really impressed with Manuel. Mission tour was a really great experience. Then to top it all off, I got a 12 letters from Brett! I seem to be getting a lot of emails and letters from boys all of the sudden... I would say i must be at the end of my mission because I already have a few dates lined up... Haha. 4 more months, that I hope drag by super slowly. The mission is the best thing ever! Well then Friday we did weekly planning in a blanket fort in our living room... Aren't we cool? Then Saturday, the Roses took us out for ice cream because we had the cleanest apartment during apartment checks. That's where the week got hard... We happened to see a member of the ward who we really love and trust, doing something that shouldn't have been happening, and that really just broke our hearts. As a missionary you just come to love the people SO much, and when you see things like that it hurts so much to know that they're breaking their promise with heavenly father.  That had to have been the worst day of my mission, and then Sunday we had to get up and face the same problem. I won't lie, I cried, and I've not really cried my whole mission. Sunday wasn't bad though. I gave a talk on how to live the gospel in our daily lives. With talking, I've learned the best way to prepare a talk is to look for a few scriptures and make a few bullet points and just get up and let the spirit talk through you. It went really well. My piano playing wasn't so bad either:) I really am getting better.
I love you all! Have a great week!
Also, I didn't get transfered, and neither did sister Duke, its the first time I've stayed with a comp since sister Davis! That probably means that I will end my mission here in olhao, which is a crazy thought!
Love you!
Sister Wach

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  1. Hi, Sister Megan, my favorite Great-Niece named Megan! This is your bad Aunt Wanda who hasn't commented in ages.... I have enjoyed looking at all of the beautiful pictures of you. What a lovely young woman you are, and so filled with the Spirit of your Missionary Work. Hard to believe that you will be home in just 4 months! And, my condolences to you with the passing of your dear Father on Sunday. We will be flying up for the funeral as will Jason, Kim & their two daughters. I last saw your dear Father on April 17 on a trip there. He and I had some special moments together and said our final good-byes. He told me he would give our Pam a hug from me. I love him so much. Your family has always been SO special to both Uncle Ray and I. The other uncles are on vacation and can't come. I just read a neat fact about your Portugal. On this date: "JUNE 10, 1981 - The first stake in Portugal is organized in Lisbon." I admire how you are following your Father's request to continue your Mission and not come home for his funeral. That must be hard, but your Mom said a sweet senior missionary couple have taken you into their home and hearts to help you right now. I am grateful for them. With love, Great-aunt Wanda