Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Hey Mom!
 First off, I got a new camera. It was 70 euros, which I think is somewhere in the range of $90. It's a good little camera and I've had a lot of fun playing with it. I'd decided I just couldn't not take any pictures for 5 months. About Mother's Day, it depends when the elders´parents and Sister Duke's parents go to church. Also, because by the time you get out of church it's already really late here. It's going to be 7pm already here and other people will still have to go. Would you be alright with doing it earlier in the morning? I don't want you to leave church early though. This is kind of stressful this way because we were just going to use the senior couple's tablet and laptop. Now we have one phone in the chapel. 
I'm excited for Rye to get his call! I'm gonna guess he is going to Argentina, only because every single one of my comps that has a brother on a mission has a brother serving there, so it's my turn!;).
Okay, your questions. This is the second senior couple, because I was able to spend a few weeks with the senior couple in Ponta Delgada when they got there. They were really nice. The branch is really great here. There are lots of recent converts who are really strong. Also, I still haven't gotten my Book of Mormon, which stinks because S. Caldwell and I sent ours in at the same time, and she got hers almost 2 weeks ago! I'm gonna call on Wednesday and see what's going on with it. Also, speaking of S. Caldwell, she got her trunky call this past week! That means that she knows what time she'll be flying home and what day and all that! Insane!!!
But this week was really good. We had Zone Meeting, which was fun. We practiced inspired questions, and the senior couple was nice enough to give us ride there so that we didn't have to take the train. Also, I got a few letters! I wasn't expecting any because I haven't gotten any at a Zone Meeting in a long time, but the other missionaries are right, people start to remember you exist when you get to the last 6 months of your mission! (Not to mention, that they were all boys...;))(oh, and I got a letter from the elder who went home...;)).
Also, our the District President, turns out he's a beekeeper! He's pretty cool. He's from Venezula. He gave us some honey, and it is super tasty.
Also, I just thought that I'd say some funny lines that some of the kids from the branch said this week:
"Are sister missionaries not allowed to do their hair"- Immanuel (age 5) (rude haha, but super cute, no, we just choose not to do our hair)
During the baptismal questions for Gilberto, the question about homosexual relationships...
"Of course not (as in he hadn't had one), you're my dad, and I have a mom, if not, I'd have two dads" Tania (age 9 and a recent convert whose dad was baptized)
During a prayer...
"Thank you for letting us be in the church today because this church is really good..." Nato (age 5 and son of the branch president)
Also, Sister Duke got locked in the bathroom this week. Talk about some fun. I had no idea what to do. It was 7am in the morning and we were getting ready to go running when I heard her knock on the door. Turns out something is wrong with the handle. And of course, I had to go to the bathroom also. So, I called the Roses (the senior couple) and they were nice enough to come and save her from the bathroom. While we waited, I gave her some reading material, a pamphlet haha. Good thing she puts up with me:).
Also the senior couple has been really great and have taken us to a park a couple times to run. It's really cool. The last time we went we decided to climb out on this old dock which was pretty cool. Of course I chickened out. I just didn't want to die, so S. Duke went to the end by herself:). They're gonna take us again tomorrow. They're really great. I don't know what we'd do without them.
I've also been playing the piano in church still. I'm getting better each week. Turns out that practice does make perfect after all! Haha. I sure wish that I'd practiced when I was taking lessons so I wouldn't have to practice here. At least I don't sweat anymore while I'm playing during sacrament. Thankfully, the branch is just happy to have someone who is willing to try and play. Though now they've got me playing for the primary program too. Great. The Children's Songbook is out of my league.
Also, we had a cool thing we did yesterday. It's called "Resgatar" and it's like a rescue type of thing. After church, a few of the members got back together and we went and visited less actives and people who hadn't come. All the groups had some really cool experiences, and I don't think that it will be the last time that they'll do it:).
Then, saving the last for the best, we had a baptism this week!!!! Gilberto, whose family was baptized last transfer, got baptized this week! He went from not having any interest when I first got here, to doing a complete 180! He quit smoking and started coming to church too!! He's a really great guy. It was all because we focused on the temple and the fact that families can be together forever. They're a great little family. Also, Gilberto changed SO much. He is just FULL of smiles now and he is just always happy. I'm grateful I was able to be here to watch him change. It was a really spiritual experience:).
Well, I'm gonna call you at 1:45pm ish on Sunday okay? That should be 8:45pm here. I think that's right. I'm gonna call at my time.
Also, tell Katie thanks again for the bracelet because I was totally ahead of the style here. At first I was the only one wearing one, and now EVERYONE has them haha. It's really funny.
I love you all tons!! Talk to you soon!
Love always,
Sister Wach


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