Monday, May 12, 2014

Hey Mom!!
I'm glad I answered all your questions because I am just too tired to do so today. Haha, the hike and the sun took it out of me. Plus I got carsick on the way to and from the hike. Turns out that Elder Rose is a crazy driver (don't tell him that) and that the really windy, crazy Portuguese roads don't sit well with me. I guess I just like being behind the wheel instead of in the backseat;).
So this week was really good.
First off, I learned how to gut fish. Lot's of fun. We gut 16 fish.
Then also we've been teaching some cool people. Nuno and Vanessa are two of them. They are really strong in their church, but one of the members of the Church of Jesus Christ here in Olhão, Luís, is really good friends with them and so we've been teaching them. They're a great couple. Then Doris. She's the Brazilian I talked about yesterday. She's great also.
The hike was really great. We hiked to a small spring, which was beautiful, and we picked oranges and a fruit called nêspera on the way. They were delicious. Then we ate lunch at a park afterwards, it was really fun. It was hot though, 95 degrees. 
Um, sadly, the pictures took so long to send that I'm out of time. But I almost have what you sent. It would have come today, but we weren't home, so we're gonna go pick it up at the post office after this.
Let me know ASAP when Ryan gets his call!
I love you tons!!
Sister Wach

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