Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hey Mommy!
This week was good! We're still teaching a lot of the same people. We're still teaching Natalina, who is doing great. We'd been trying to mark her baptism date, but she just had a whole bunch of doubts and wouldn't say yes, but this week, we were able to have Manuel with us, and he did amazing. We were talking about General Conference and that we have a prophet, and Manuel just cuts in and says to her that he just feels like he needs to invite her to be baptized. So, she says that she's already been baptized (and we had tried to kill that doubt like ten times, but it was just like she wasn't hearing us), and he goes on to say that he's already been baptized 3 times but how he has finally been baptized in the right church, and all about how the Church of Jesus Christ is the only church with authority to be baptized and etc. He did great and he ended up marking her with a date for baptism! I just hope that we can get her to church enough times before that! Why is it that people have to work on Sundays?! Also, Manuel got his patriarchal blessing, and he LOVED it! He said that he's never felt anything like it at all. He REALLY wants to serve a mission. We're excited for him, because he is already a WAY better missionary than us! We've also been teaching his uncle and aunt and it's going really well. They're great people, and the uncle already knows a lot about the church and the aunt is loving the Book of Mormon. They're a great family. The uncle says there is no way I'm from the US, but instead that I'm African. He's really funny. 
We also had Zone Conference this week, which was really really good. It was fun because Sister Sandholtz was there and Sister Radvansky (from my MTC district and she was Sister Caldwell´s comp at the same time that I was comps with Sister Sandholtz) too. The spirit was really strong and to add to it, the lunch was really yummy haha. 
We also got into a nice little fight (of words) with the TJs this week. It was totally my fault. I do not like to talk to them, usually, I'll walk away, but I was bad and talked to them instead. And so it ended with me yelling my testimony and then ending with the words "and Jehovah is not God, it's Jesus Christ" to which the TJs started screaming at. It was not very Christlike of me, and the spirit wasn't there. Bad bad Sister Wach.
Also, I hurt my foot this week! Though it's Sister Caldwell's fault! We were in the kitchen and she was making a snack and she was shaking a bottle of brand new mayonaisse, and she let it slip from her hand and it landed on my foot! It hurt SO bad haha. There isn't any damage that doesn't allow me to walk, but it was pretty funny. 
I love you tons! Have a great week!
Sister Wach

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