Monday, April 14, 2014

Hey Mom!
This week was good. A little stressful though! We found out that not only was I getting transferred, but that Sister Caldwell was getting transferred also! We got blue washed (that means that elders took over our area), and then got sent in all directions! Sister Caldwell is up at the highest part of the country, in the Porto area, in Villa Nova de Gaia. Manuel will be in the Lisboa area, serving in, I think, Linda-A-Velha, which happens to be the area that President lives in. I got sent down far down south into the Algarve, in the area of Olhão. I'm excited to be in Olhão, especially since it's cool because Sister Davis (Kelsey) served here too, right before she trained me! But, so our area was taken over by elders. I'm sure they'll do a great job. It was a little crazy though, because we found out we were getting washed on Friday, and then on Sunday we found out that we and the other sisters were being moved out of our house! So the problem was that at 11 pm, we were running around trying to pack our bags and we didn't get to really clean. Sorry elders. I don't know if the other sisters living with us cleaned, but I sure hope so. We at least made sure that our bedroom and study room were clean, but the kitchen and bathroom needed to be cleaned. There was, of course, hair everyway. That is always the biggest complaint of elders. Just wait until they get married! 
Well, Olhão seems great so far. It's more rural that Benfica or Almada, but less rural that Ponta Delgada (I have yet to see a cow...). We're also right next to the ocean. I've missed the ocean, hopefully we'll get to go and see it! It's also cool because the zone leaders are in our ward and also a senior couple who are really great. I have yet to see any Africans though... bummer. I love them. I'm really sad though that we won't get to see Natalina and Helder baptized next week though. They were supposed to be baptized this week, but it didn't end up working out. It was sad to say goodbye. They'll get baptized next week though, and they'll be great members.
Manuel will head into the mission field on Wednsday. I know that he'll do a great job and that he is really excited.  The bishop of the ward wasn't too happy though because I think they were thinking about calling him as the young men's president... oops:).  I know that whatever happens it will all work out. His life has been truly blessed by the gospel and I'm grateful to have been a part and to now get to watch him bless other people's lives!
My foot is fine, also my cold is gone. I'm just tired now from missionary life, and from not sleeping and riding a bus for 4 hours to a new area.
Here is my new address:
Sister Wach
Rua Almirante Reis Nº 219 r/c dto.
8700-376, Olhão


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