Monday, April 7, 2014

Hey Mom!
Thanks for the email! Also, thanks for the packet, I got it this week:). Though you didn't explain what any of the stuff in it was! We loved the ranch packet and we ate it with pizza, chicken nuggets and potato chips in between the two Sunday conferences. Oh, by the way, this coming week will be transfers. I think it's really likely that I'll be transfered because I've been here such a long time. 
What you think of conference? I LOVED it! We didn't get to see all of it though, so that was sad. On Saturday we watched the Women's Broadcast, which was super cool. We had an investigator and her two children there, and I think they all really liked it. She's marked to be baptized this coming week. It's a risk though because she works on Sunday and so we're just hoping that something will work out by then. We've been teaching her for like two transfers. She absolutely loves the Book of Mormon and she and her kids read it every night together as a family. We also had three other investigators there, sadly, their mom won't let them be baptized, but we are still working with them. I absolutely loved Elder Holland's talk. I did cringe a little though as he was like yelling at the pulpit, but his talks are always the best. Then after, we watched the first conference for Saturday (it started at 5pm so we were able to watch it all). I thought it was really good. Then Sunday we watched the Priesthood session, which I think was actually my favorite session. Then after we had lunch with a member who is from the US and has been inactive. We had food that was American! The elders didn't know what to do with the salad dressing and their faces were great as they were totally disgusted by it all (they're both from Cape Verde). We ended up missing the second Saturday session and I'm watching it right now. Then we saw the 1st session for Sunday, which was one of my other favorites. I really like Elder Uchtdorf's talk and the story he told about the Alaskan flight. It made me tear up a little. Goofy sister missionaries. The last session, we watched the first hour of because it started at 9pm. President gave us permission to stay out until 10:30pm, which was nice. We had an investigator there also. She kept asking me which one was the prophet, and she was taking notes. There was a drunk man in the back though who kept yelling, so that was really funny. We'd walked him out of the session that was at 5pm (We'd walked in on him talking to three helpless first transfer elders, who had no idea what he was saying or what to do haha. Sister missionaries to the rescue!), and I guess he just decided he wanted to see them all! Hey, whatever, right? Everybody needs to hear the words of the living prophets! It's crazy to think that my next conference will be at home! Yikes! Less than 6 months left! There are only 9 sisters ahead of us to go home before our big group! That's nothing, and half of them are going home next week!
This week was good. Sister Caldwell's foot is alright, we didn't get to go to the doctor, which kind of stunk, because another sister needed the appointment instead because she'd fallen really hard. We got to go to the doctor anyway though because I'm sick. The doctor said it was nothing bad (there are only two kinds of sick here, bad and not bad, they don't actually tell you what's wrong with you:P). It was fun. I'm feeling a little better though. Just a sore throat, runny nose, a fever and a few aches and pain. Life:). But, we didn't do anything for our year mark, though we did take a nap and have some ice cream.
Oh guess what! Manuel will be in the mission next week! He's going on a mini mission (6 weeks!). I don't think it gets any cooler than that! He's super excited and we're excited for him. Though we're attempting to find clothes and things for him because he has pretty much nothing. He has one shirt, two ties, a suit jacket, and a pair of pants that I bought him last transfer. A lot of missionaries are going home this transfer though so I'm hoping that I can talk my district leader from when I was in Ponta Delgada into giving  me his stuff:).
And, I'm gonna get some super cool scriptures. I'm excited. I'm gonna have my Portuguese scriptures rebound and decorated. I want to use them for the rest of forever, like Grandma and Grandpa Wach:).
I love you tons! Have a great week!
Sister Wach

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