Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hey Mãe!
Well, this week was great. There isn't too much to say because we only spent small spurts working because of Sister Caldwell´s ankle (we aren't gonna be able to go to the doctor until APRIL 3rd!!!). I've definitely learned how to work effeciently though! Our numbers were some of the best I've had in a few transfers just because we knew we were so short of time. 
On Sunday, I played the piano during church! It was a little crazy, but thankfully, the secret is that the piano in this ward plays ITSELF! I just had to sit and push the buttons and pretend that I was playing. The last song though, the tempo was really high, and so the piano was playing REALLY fast, and I didn't know what to do, and so I just kept going. After church, all the members came up to me and were really grumpy about how fast I played haha. They don't know that it plays itself and so wouldn't let me off the hook. If anyone had come to the elders baptism a few weeks ago, they would know that I can't play...:). We had a fun activity this week that we put on, we played mafia, only we called it "Lamanitas" like Lamanites, and we made homemade ice cream, which was super easy and super tasty. I'll get the recipe for you. Oh, and Manuel is getting his patriarchal blessing this week, which is super cool and is going to talk to the bishop about serving a mini mission. Natalina is doing well, though still can't come to church:(. We did have 2 other people in church though. A man named Manuel, who is Portuguese, and a woman named Anabella who is also Portuguese. They both have a lot of potential, the only problem is that they never have any time for us to teach them! We had an appointment with Manuel yesterday, and we called and he canceled on us because he was too busy reading the Gospel Principles book that he'd gotten from our ward mission leader! We also had a house check this week, and we passed with flying colors. Sister Markham (a senior missionary) just couldn't stop talking about how beautiful our house was (we did spend quite a while cleaning it!). Oh, and we went to McDonalds with our elders, which was fun, they're both from Cabo Verde and so they are both a little bit crazy:). Also, we were knocking some doors in an apartment and we heard someone start ringing doorbells trying to get it. We got down to the bottom from knocking the doors, and realized it was the TJ missionaries!! Yikes! I don't think the residents of the apartment were very happy with the fact that they got double knocked haha. 
I also have been studying something really cool. It's called Election of Grace. That means that where we were placed in this life, is because of what we did in the life before. We were placed so we would be able to find the gospel. It's way more complicated that that, but it's what we talk about when we talk about the "Elect" and that many are called but few are chosen. Look up "Election" in the Bible Dictionary. It's a really cool concept.
Love you Mom! Have a great week!
Love always,
Sister Wach

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