Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Hey Mom!
Thanks for the email! Just so you know, I did not get transfered. I stayed, and Sister Warner got transfered. Kind of a bummer because as much as I love this area and all the people that I've met, I would love to be able to see a new place and work there. But, it gives me the chance to stay a little longer and know the area and members better. Plus, I'm excited that I'll get to stay and keep watching Manuel progress.  My new comp is Sister Caldwell. She served in the Açores on a different island at the same time that I was there, and she stayed the night with us at the apartment there a few times.  I'm excited to work with her, though I miss Sister Warner (she's going to serve in Porto with Sister Hayes, my MTC comp!) already! We were just finally starting to figure things out! It's kind of interesting because that keeps happening to me. I've been in three different areas, and including the MTC I've had 9 transfers and out of those I've had 8 different comps (Sister Davis is the only one that I had 2 transfers because she was training me). That's really unusual to have so many comps, but it's cool because I've gotten to meet lots of cool people and learn a lot from each one. I'm hoping sometime in the future I'll get a comp who is Portuguese because I would love to have the accent. My accent sucks haha. My voice is just too American.
Well, this was a good week. We met LOTS of new people, and I think we have a few who could actually progress! We have this adorable little family that we're teaching. Natalina is the mother, then Helder and Jéssica are the kids. They're adorable. We went over there the other day to teach them again and instead we ate dinner there! It was cool. Though, it was the second time we'd eaten with someone that day, and the 6th time that week. I've never eaten with members so much. I'm getting so fat in this area haha. 
We also watched a lady get robbed this week. It was really interesting. It gave me even more love for the Portuguese. We were walking and there was this creepy man, and I thought about contacting him, but he was just too creepy, so we kept walking to our appointment. Then the appointment fell, and so we went outside and we were walking back the way that we'd came and we saw this old lady in front of us screaming and wacking a man with her cane. We were so confused and had no idea what was going on haha and then we realized what was happening. Turns out he had stolen her wallet and was running away with it. Well, when he started running, he was being followed by like 10 Portuguese men and the number was steadly growing the more people he passed. It was cool to watch people react like that, it reminds me that there really are good people in this world. Sometimes, as missionaries we just see so many things that are sad and wrong, it's just fantastic to see when things are good. It was funny though because it was like a slow motion chase, I'm pretty sure that I could have caught him way before everyone else did haha, but as missionaries we decided it would be better if we comforted the old lady instead:). 
Well, I'm out of time, but I love you tons! Can you believe that today is my 11 month mark and during this next transfer I'll hit one year?
Sister Wach

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  1. I enjoyed reading this post very much. Hard to believe that you have been out almost 1 year, Sister Megan!! ---2/3 done. You surely have had lots of comps, but as you say, you learn something from each one.

    Elder Michael is speaking Portuguese pretty well he says in Luxembourg. Some of the people don't understand French there, so he has had to learn Portuguese. Luxembourg is part of his France Paris mission. He served in Brussels when he first got there, then Paris, and now in Luxembourg. "Change is the norm" for missionaries, right?! I love these pictures of you....you are so pretty, Megan. :)
    Your Cousin Mike was able to visit your Dad last night as he and his family have been skiing in Alta. They are driving back home today.
    With much love,
    Great-aunt Wanda