Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hey Mommy!

Sounds like some serious fun! I'm jealous! I'm sure Brazil is great, just from hearing about it from Dad, I'm sure that it's paradise. I love Portugal.   Tell him to ask the missionaries for pamphlets too, maybe the first and the second lesson pamphlets. How did the funeral go? What a great opportunity to do missionary work! Find some references for the missionaries! Remember how you sent me a card by her of the Manti temple? Well, it's now in the hands of a recent convert, who is 13, named Ariana, who thought it was absolutely beautiful:). Good thing you sent me 2:). 

This week was good, it was a little rough, but good. We still don't have any investigators and no one is progressing, but it'll all work out. There is someone here who is prepared to hear the gospel, they're just really hidden. So pretty much all we do all day is do contacts and compete with the Jehovah´s Witnesses. There are a TON of them here. It's ridiculous. They're kind of funny, they're always little old ladies in long skirts, with pamphlets, sunglasses, boots, long coats, and crazy hair. Whenever we pass them I like to say hi, just to see the looks of shock on their faces that I said hi. Haha. They're spoiled though, they only go out on days when the sun is out. Though, that's happened a few times this week. Spring is in the air! I took off my jacket for a little while today and it was great!

Not much happened this week, but we did have something that was kind of cool. When I got to this area, there was a woman named Dica that the sisters were teaching, and I taught her once with Sister Williams and then she never was home again (turns out she got a new job), so we just stopped passing.  Then on Friday, we were looking through the Area Book for people that we could pass, and Sister Warner kept seeing the name Dica, turns out she'd been contacted a few times, and I just kind of brushed it off and said that she was never home. Then later, we contacted a girl and got her address and marked an appointment with her. Then before the appointment we contacted a young man who we see quite a bit, and he acted like he was scared of us. He wouldn't give us his contact info and said he didn't know his address or his phone number, so we just let him go and we went to the appointment with the girl. When we got there, a woman opened the door and looked at us like she knew us. Then I looked behind her in the house and recognized the house, and realized it was Dica! I didn't recognize her because I'd only seen her once before, but I'd seen what the entry to the apartment looked like because other people had opened the door. But it turned out that it was the house of the girl too. Then we talked with Dica a few minutes in the house (she asked why we'd not come back because she said she wanted to be baptized...) and we looked at their family photos and we saw a picture of the boy that we'd contacted! Turned out he was her son and the girl was her daughter! So we are going to be teaching them again. It was a miracle for sure! 

Well, I love you tons!!! 

Love always,

Sister Wach

P.S. I'm still talking in my sleep, though I think not as much because we turned the heater off because it was making it to hot and making it harder for me to sleep:).

From Ricki:  So you know what Megan is referring to:)-  Chris' younger brother David who also had cancer passed away on January 29th after his two year battle.  We went up to Eugene, OR to attend.  Chris spoke at it - he did a fantastic job:) 
Also - Chris is headed to Brazil.  He and my father are going on a cruise.  They will stop at 14 ports, mostly in Brazil where he served his mission.  After the cruise they will do some traveling and then head home from Sao Paulo, Brazil.  No - I'm not going I can't leave my babies for that long. lololo.  I'm excited for Chris to rest, be warm, go back to "paradise" (as he calls it) and eat lots of food.  He's suppose to come back tan and fat:):):):)  No he isn't well but hey - he can be sick here at home where it is cold or he can be sick where it is warm........ I sayyyyyyy go for WARM:)

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