Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hi Mom!
If anyone understand being tired, it's us missionaries:).I'm glad that things went well with the funeral and the wedding. I didn't recognize Brooke at first, she looked very pretty. I was like why in the world did my mom send me this random picture of this random wedding? But, you should be careful about what you write in your emails to missionaries, soda happens to be a soft spot for foreign missionaries, poor Sister Warner would give her right arm for a Diet Dr. Pepper or a Diet Coke. 
Well, this week was good. On Monday after I emailed, Sister Warner and I went and got our matching companionship thing, we got ourselves some super crazy and mission innapropriate skirts (they're cheetah print;)). Tuesday was good. It was a little crazy because one of the sisters in the house had gotten hurt and she can't walk and so she and her comp had spent the day in the house, and then we had another sister who was leaving and going home the next day. Then to add to it, in the morning we always sing together for companion study, and one of the sisters wanted to sing "Aonde Mandares Irei" (or "I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go"), and so we did. But, the thing about that song is that it's bad luck. If you sing it near transfers you'll either go or you'll stay but it'll not be what you want, but it'll be what the Lord wants. Well, the sister wanted to sing it and she said to us "it's bad luck, but I think that we're far enough from transfers that it will be alright," and so we sang it. Later that night, we got a call from President, and she got emergency transfered! Oops:). Then it RAINED SO SO MUCH!! It was ridiculous. Then Wednesday, Sister Duran went home, and the sister who was being emergency transfered to the house showed up. So then we had our companionship in our house, and then we had Sister Hill (the new sister, who was sick), Sister Decker (who can't walk), and Sister Rivieros (from Peru, and is 39 years old) in our house. Since Sister Decker and Sister Hill couldn't go out, we had Sister Riveiros go with us. She still has that new missionary fire (she's in her 3rd transfer) and just wants to work hard, so that's great. Nothing else interesting happened the rest of the week, but Sunday was really good. On Sunday we went to get our investigators and no one would come. So we went to church and we went to pick up before sacrament (it's the last meeting). It was raining REALLY hard, and it was REALLY windy. By the time we met with the investigator and got back, the sacrament was over and testimony meeting had started. I was really bummed about it because we hadn't had sacrament in 2 weeks because of stake conference last week. But, then I had every missionaries' dream happen. Manuel got up during fast and testimony meeting and he bore his testimony. He did SUCH a good job. He bore his testimony about the Book of Mormon, which was just really cool because he was having doubts about the Book of Mormon. He said that he had been praying to know that the Book of Mormon was true, and he went out with the elders to help them teach, and they were explaining the Book of Mormon when he said he just felt this burning feeling and knew it was his answer. Then after, Sister Warner wanted the sacrament and so we asked the ward mission leader if we could have it blessed for us, and guess who blessed it for us! Manuel! Super cool, and it was his first time, and he did amazing. He's gonna be a fabulous missionary:).
Well, it was a good week. I love you tons! Have a great week! 
Love always,
Sister Wach

P.S. You should watch this. I was watching this while I was writing you, and it was fabulous. The part about President Monson shaking all the children's hand made me tear up haha. 

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