Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hey Mom!

Thanks for the emails as always.  I'm glad you got some time to rest even if it meant you were sick. I got sick this week too and it was kind of nice to just stay home for a day. I slept for like 8 hours. I think that mostly I was just super exhausted because the next day I was great again. Don't worry about transfers yet, they're on the 3rd of March, so there is one p-day left, so you could write this week and then not write the week after. I don't know if I'll actually be transfered though because we've had some interesting stuff happen this week and it's possible that Sister Warner will leave and I'll get transfer jumped. We'll see. The other sisters who were in our house are still sick. The luckies got to spend the week in the mission home! Though, they haven't left the house (they're now living in another house that was empty that belongs to the mission, thank goodness because it was really hard to leave the house to go work in the rain and wind while they were still in their pjs) in like 15 days to work, and that sounds REALLY boring. One of them goes home in 2 weeks, so that's gotta be kind of sad for her that she's not working. I'm gonna make sure that when that time finally comes around, that I don´t have any energy left and feel like I've left it all on the field.

Well, this week was good. We're still just looking for people to teach, which is kind of a bummer, but after trials comes the blessings! We´ve had lots of blessings and miracles and just funny things happen this week.

Sister Warner and I were looking to go and contact an inactive family and see if they still lived in an area, but they weren't there, and we realized that the neighborhood was really green and beautiful so we decided to walk through some gardens. While we were walking I saw these huge lines and groups of caterpillars and of course was fascinated and had to step on a few and poke them with my umbrella. Then a man came out of his garden to see what was going on, and he told us that they were poisonous (no worries, I didn't touch them with my hands) and we contacted him and he showed us his garden. It was really beautiful and we ended up teaching him about the Plan of Salvation. The Spirit was SUPER strong. I think it was the coolest contact I have ever been in. Then we marked to go to his house. Later when we tried to go back, he ended up having to leave just before we got there. His mother was there though and she answered the door. She was super grumpy. Then we introduced ourselves and she did a 180 and was SUPER nice. Turns out that he'd talked all about us and how he thought she would love to hear what we had to say. It was really cool because their family is really special. I really hope that we'll be able to teach them more in this coming week.

1. Cigano Children-
On Saturday, we were walking through a really ghetto area (our whole area is ghetto, but this was a really ghetto area) and there were a whole bunch of cigano (that means gypsy) children and they were all yelling at us "What's your name?" in English, and so we stopped to talk to them. They were super adorable, and one of them said the funniest thing! She said to us that she knew the wife of God´s name and that it was Gloria. It was cute because I can understand why she'd make that mistake in Portuguese because when you talk about the wife or girlfriend of a man, you say it like "Ana of José" and it's the way it's possessive, so in portuguese the phrase is glory of God so that would be the same thing. At home, Glory isn't a name, but here it is:). Super cute.
2. We ironed LOTS of clothes-
People here iron EVERYTHING and we offered to help out a woman we wanted to teach, and it ended up taking FOREVER!
3. We were walking and we said good night to a man walking past, and he put his hand to hide his face, like that would make it so that we couldn't see him and wouldn't contact him! Some people are just a little goofy. We laughed forever afterwards.

4. Creeper
Sister Warner has got herself a stalker! She met him on her last day in her last area (he contacted them and that was all the contact she had with him), and since then she's been getting creepy emails from him that have her nickname on them, and the other day she got a Valentine from him at the mission office, then to top it all off, this week, during church some of the young women knocked on the door of the class we were in and gave me a bag and said that someone had given it to them and said it was for Sister Warner. I got the WORST feeling and I knew immediately who it was from and what it was (I knew it was either flowers, or the part of me that watched to many crime TV shows thought it might be a hand). He'd given the young women flowers for Sister Warner and turned out he was outside! When church had ended he was outside waiting for her (too bad that he didn't come in to church and sit during sacrament because at least then we would have had someone at church...). So the elders went and yelled at him and then we got a ride home. She also got a creepy email from him today. President didn't emergency transfer her, so it's not anything to worry about. But man, sometimes I'm grateful for my acne (and that I'm not blonde) because it makes me ugly haha.

Well, it was a good week, and I love you tons!!
Love always,
Sister Wach


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