Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Hey Mom!
Sorry, I won't really be writing today! I only have ten minutes due to the internet being down where we usually go and so me and one of the other sisters who live in our house ran to the chapel so that we could do internet for at least 10 minutes (we called President about doing it another time and he said we just had to wait until next week, and so the other sister and I decided that it was worth it to go even just for a few minutes).
We'll do better about getting to the computer place earlier in the day. We went to Lapa today and we had just enough time to do internet but when we got there, the man who owns the place said that the internet is down in the whole area, and so we couldn't figure out what to do and the other sisters didn't want to do anything, and so Sister Taylor and I decided to call and see if we could go on a division, and we ran to the chapel. It's about a 30 minute walk, and we ran it in ten. I'm super sweaty! Haha.
But it was a good week. I almost hit a drunk man with my umbrella, so that was fun:). Sister Williams was walking in front of me and talking on the phone and the man came out and he touched her face and grabbed her arm and then he came to touch me and I told him to back off or I would hit him with my umbrella. It was funny, especially since we've seen him a few times since then. Drunk people are crazy:). Manuel is still good, he got the priesthood on Sunday! For our halfway mark we took some great pictures that are tradition that I'll try and remember to send next week, and we at pastries at a pastry shop:).
Love ya!
Sister Wach

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