Monday, January 20, 2014

Hey Mom!

It sounds like it was a good week. Eventful is always better than nothing happening. Give Jake a kiss for me and tell him I said I'm sorry that he hurt himself and that I love him! I did receive your package! Thanks a ton! I also got a few cards, which was really nice, and Gma e Gpa Wach sent me some tights, which I was needing because the tights here stink and I have holes in the toes of all my others:). The life of a sister missionary:).I'm still in Almada, but I got a new companion. Her name is Sister Warner and she's from San Fransisco. I had to wait in the train station for 4 hours for her to get there! Thankfully, Sister Galloway from my district in the MTC had to wait too and so she and I waited for 3 hours together:). Manuel is doing fabulous, he just got called as a ward missionary and he's really excited about it, but he was really sad that Sister Williams left. It's cool because the ward has a goal, they want to have him out on the mission by the end of the year, so they're working on that! I just hope that he can figure out his citizenship because right now he's not a Portuguese citizen, he's from São Tome and was just here studying. But I know that if the Lord wants him to serve a mission, then he'll get everything figured out:). The emails that I send and receive just stay in my LDSmail because it's too expensive to print them out, and I would have to lug them around during my mission and that would stink. I'm just hoping that I don´t get transferred from here until the end of winter so that I don't have to take any of my winter stuff with me. We have no new investigators, which is really hard. We've been strictly obedient and we've been doing contacts ALL day every day, but sometimes we just have our faith tested and then we receive blessings. I can feel that things are about to turn around here with Sister Warner here with me. My birthday was great. I got up and the other three sisters sang Happy Birthday to me, and then Sister Williams made pancakes for breakfast. Then we went out and worked for a while and then we had a cake that I'd made (from the package because I got it the day before) for lunch and all the 6 of the sisters were there. It was really fun and they tried to sing to me in portuguese but it went really badly haha. The song is different in Portugal than in Brazil and so none of us know it all the way, we hit this point where when the Portuguese sing it the words become inaudible and so we just kind of all mumbled at that part haha. Oh, and Cátia from São Miguel called and wished me a happy birthday, so that was really cool. Then the rest of the day we just worked:). It was good. I liked it a lot. On Sunday, we do go to all three classes, except instead for going to regular sunday school, they have one especially for investigators and recent converts that we go to. 

Things are going well here. We really still aren't teaching, and that´s hard, but as long as we just keep trying, everything will work out. Truthfully, there is not anything to talk about. Sister Williams and I taught our first first lesson (the restauration) together for the first time in the transfer, so that was interesting. We're working on finishing up teaching our recent converts and just looking for new people. 

Oh, and I learned some AWESOME news! Remember José, my first baptism, the one in Ponta Delgada? Well, before I moved from the islands, he moved back to Canada, and so next month he's going to go to the temple for the first time! Then in October he's going to Utah to see all the temples!! So I might be able to see him right after I get home! I'm SO excited for him! He is really really awesome!

Well, I love you! Give everyone there my love! Thanks for everything mom!

Love always,

Sister Wach


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