Friday, May 10, 2013

Oi Minha Familia!
This week has been a crazy one! We've had like senioritis all week, only MTCitis! We're ready to go! We have not had a normal day this whole week! Our lessons have gone really well, but other than that, not much has haha:). Monday we had a shakeup day on accident:). Sister Hayes and I got up late! We have to be up at 6:30 and ready at 7:15, but we had set the alarm for 6 because Sister Hayes wanted to get up early, but then she didn't and so I thought I was resetting the alarm for half an hour later, but instead I reset the clock time for half an hour later instead! Thankfully Sister Hayes woke up at 7 and we were able to get ready, and even look presentable! I would say it was probably the best we both looked, and we were still on time to breakfast at 7:15, in fact we were the first of our sisters there! We found out one of the sisters had respiritory flu, which is super contagious, and so we all had to go and get Tamiflu! While we waited we had class in the doctor's office! Lot's of fun. Then I had a doctor's appointment because I have another sinus infection. The doctor was dumb and made me get some like prescription strength Sudafed, which then made my nose run and my head hurt worse. I went back another day though and I got a Z-pack. I feel much quite a bit better now:). Then during my appointment, everyone else went back to class, and so when Sister Hayes and I went back, no one was there! The computer in our room is broken, so we always have to find somewhere else to have class, so we decided to walk around to all the usual places we go for class, and while we were walking, the coolest thing happened! There were these two elders walking by us, and they said hi, and Sister Hayes said oi, and so then one of them started speaking to us in Portuguese. Turned out he was from Brasilia, Brazil! Guess who he knew of! A certain Elder Jacobson happened to be serving in the same wardhouse that their ward met in, only he was in the other ward in the building! It was pretty cool:) We didn't get to talk to him other than that though because his companion wanted to leave:P. Then Sister Hayes and I got to leave campus to go and get my drugs! It was weird:). Then in the evening, in the second class, Sister Radvansky started to feel sick, and since her companion was in quarantine, and she needed someone to go back with her, I offered to go back. I really didn't do anything, in fact it was boring, but it was nice at the same time:). On Wednesday I got to host for the new missionaries who came in! It was really fun! The first Sister I did, her name was Sister Ha, she was from Korea and she was headed to California, because she hasn't been able to get her visa to come to the US up until now, she's already served as a missionary for 4 months! The second one, her name was Sister Paxton, and she's headed to Bulgaria! She's the only Bulgarian speaking sister in the whole MTC! Poor thing, she just cried as her family drove off. Thursday we got our flight plans changed! We're now leaving the MTC at 9:30 (we're taking the Frontrunner to the airport!!!!! Crazy!!!), then leaving the airport 2:30, and then to Houston, TX, and then to London and then to Portugal! I'm super excited, but super stressed also!
All in all, it was a great week! I won't be able to write again until my P-day in Portugal! Ahhh! Thank you everyone for all your support, letters, packages, and love! Aunt Cherie, all your popcorn is gone again, my district loves it! Thank you also for the skirt! I'm wearing it tomorrow since I got to wash it today! Thanks for everything else you've sent! Thanks Grandma for the treats! I love them! I'm going to try and figure out how to get them with me to Portugal as I have way way way too much food hanging around! Thanks Sister Pedersen for the brownies! Mom, thanks for EVERYTHING! The brush is fabulous, and all the lemon stuff is gone, one of the Elders in our district (he wasn't originally in our district, but he couldn't leave the MTC for who knows why, so they put him in ours) called your cake a cake from the Reino Celestial (meaning Celestial Kingdom) haha, if that isn't a compliment, I don't know what is! I hope you all have a fabulous Mother's Day! I love you!
Love always,
Sister Wach


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