Friday, May 3, 2013

Oi Familia!
The last few days were good! I forgot to write about the awesome prank I played on Sister Hayes! Two Tuesdays ago, after I wrote, we were getting ready for bed and we were pretending to fight, and so I wanted to pray so we could get in bed but she said no, she wanted to go to the bathroom first, and so she left, and I decided to be mean (ish), and I grabbed my key and went and hid in one of the sister's beds in the room nextdoor that belongs to some sisters in my district, and so Sister Hayes came back and she thought I was angry with her and wouldn't let her in! Hehehe she was pounding on the door and telling me to let her in, and then she tried coaxing me out with food (that woulda worked if I'd been in there;), that is after all, the way to my heart;)), and so it'd been about ten minutes of her trying to get me out, and she's like "Sister Wach, you're making me be disobedient!" and like freaking out haha, and so then she came into the other room and she was talking to the other sisters about me not letting her in, and I just like sat up and we all just burst out laughing, and she almost killed me;)! I'm scared now, because I have to be prepared for her to try and get me now! She says that it's fine though because that's how she knows that I love her;).
Also, we actually had our first fight! Haha, we almost killed each other! We worked it out though, and we're good now, but we almost killed our new teacher, Irma Dangerfield (who is absoluetly wonderful and gives us hugs!), in the process;). We were just sitting there stewing and she came over with a topic for us to study and it was on the thing we were having problems with, and we just both snapped, then we went out and talked about it and then it was all better:). I'm glad to have a companion that we can get along so well for so long, and then when we do have problems we can fix them really quickly! Love her!
My Portuguese is coming along (that's what part of our fight was, I didn't give her the opportunity to speak a lot during the lesson, but I didn't know she wanted too), and I'm getting to the point where I can form very simple sentences, and I can understand and read most of what is put in front of me based on context. I couldn't tell you what my favorite color is, but I could give you the first lesson on the Restoration;).
Oh! Guess what!!!!! We got our travel plans!!!!! We fly out of Salt Lake on the 14th at 8:30 am! We leave the MTC at 5 am! Then we fly to Atlanta, Georgia and get there at 2:19 pm, then from there to... are you ready for this... Amsterdam, Netherlands! We leave Atlanta at 5:30 pm and get to the Netherlands at 8:25 am on the 15th! Then we head to Portugal from there at 12:40 pm and get there at 2:35 pm!!! Super super crazy! I'm so excited! I'm gonna look so nasty by the time we get there haha:) But I'm so glad that we're going! My excitement for the mission definitely increased since I now know that there really is an end to this place called the MTC!!! AHHHHHHH!!!! Poor Sister Hayes was pretending I wasn't her companion when I was dancing all around after we got our plans!:) I feel bad for some of the people in our district though:( They're going to Cape Verde and they got their plans also, along with a note saying they were only allowed one bag that weighs 70 pounds! They don't even get a carry on bag! They have to get rid of tons and tons of stuff! That is so awful! They should have told them before they got here. Of course, not any of them are from Utah, so they can't be like come get my other suitcases and like 70 pounds of stuff:(. They're taking it a little rough:(. I don't know what I would do!
Well, Love you all!
Talk to you next Friday!
Write me letters!!!
Love always,
Sister Wach

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  1. Sister Wach (Megan):
    I have read your first 4 Missionary letters and found them very interesting. Sounds like you are super busy--guess that's why they call it "missionary WORK"! What a neat opportunity to have speakers such as Mary Ellen Edmunds and Elder Scott. I have heard them both speak at BYU Education Week. Elder Scott was a Devotional Speaker one time I was there. It's Cousin Brian's favorite apostle, too.
    Your Cousin Michael is entering MTC on May 15 as you know. My nephew, Elder Jason Dodge entered this week. He is going to serve in the Nevada Las Vegas West mission. So, he will be there just 3 weeks.
    What a neat apostolic blessing Elder Scott gave all of you missionaries about learning your language.
    Sounds like some of the Sisters will soon be humbled in their missions as they report to their areas and won't be googling over the cute Elders so much. I wonder how that worked - sisters trying to focus on the "work" and not the Elders.
    Love and hugs to you. Sounds like your Mom has been sending you lots of love through Goodies. I used to do the same for our sons who served, too!
    Aunt Wanda