Monday, May 20, 2013

Hey Mom! Thanks a ton for helping Sister Davis' family! That was really nice. Sadly, we didn't get to use it:P I guess that it's a holiday here (something about the Holy Ghost? It's a Catholic holiday) so the cafe we were going to use is closed:P. But funny story, we were walking to an investigator's house, Lourdes, and we didn't know how far it was (two hour walk there and hour back, it takes a long time to get anywhere as a missionary because we talk lots while we walk), but it was late and we were really hungry, and this Catholic festival parade in Relva (the city the investigator lives in) passed by and they gave us bread! The Lord provides for his missionaries, even if it's Catholic bread;). I LOVE the mission! It's amazing! I don't speak a lot of Portuguese, but my trainer is GREAT! Thankfully she helps me a lot. We try to speak Portuguese all the time on the rua, she speaks Portuguese to me and I try to speak back. I have learned a lot these last few days. It's my job to pray and bare testimony because that's pretty much all I can do right now:). The Portuguese here is REALLY strange, they speak Portuguese with a French accent! I could understand on the continent, but not here, here I can only understand some. The ward is great, yesterday we had church and I almost feel asleep because I was so tired and I couldn't understand a thing:). They even have a capela and a roma of 50+ people. Then we ate with a member, Bruno, who speaks amazingly fluent English, and we had Bachalahu, the dish we get fed the most, which is CODFISH! Yuck. Eu não gosto. It was fun though. Our apartment is AMAZING! We won't be there for long though because when we get senior missionaries, they will take it. It's bigger than all your house put together! Though we don't have hot water. It stinks. I haven't showered in 3 days, though I did try to take a cold one. I'm now forever scarred because of it;). It was also new so we had to buy all new stuff, in fact we have to carry it back after this! It's probaby 100 lbs for each of us and we have to carry it up hill because Ponta Delgada has LOTS of hills. Lots of cows too. We have lots of them outside our window. I love teaching. It's great! Right now we're teaching a few people. Antonio, Lourdes, and Celia were given to us by the old missionaries. We went to visit Celia, it was my first lesson, and I almost forgot to kiss her! She was standing really close to me and I couldn't figure out what was going on! It was embarrassing, even the elders were embarrassed for me (they went with us to introduce us, because they found them and then they split their area so that we could come). It was great. We're also teaching Frank and Rui. Rui has a serious palavra de sabedoria problem, so that's great. Frank is awesome. He's from Angola, but yesterday when we went to pick him up from church, he didn't answer, we think he's ignoring us. It's great. I LOVE it here! Love you tons! Talk to you later! I'm sorry I didn't call in London! My calling card didn't work, it only worked from the US to other countries, not other countries to the US:P Lame!
Love you all!!!
Sister Wach


  1. Meg - You have so much enthusiasm and passion in your voice, and sound so happy! What a cute, cute girl and an amazing missionary!

  2. Sister Megan: I know why they call missions - missionary WORK! After reading how far you had to walk, and all that you are doing, it sounds like "work"., But the spirit of your missionary work must make it feel like a Disney ride instead. So happy you are safely there, and already in the midst of your missionary "work". Hugs and love, Aunt Wanda xoxoxooxo