Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Oi Minha Familia!
Como vai?! So we will get two email times this week due to getting our Pday changed to Friday! I had to wash laundry today because I was going to be double wearing my underwear, and that would have been really fun...;). Not much has happened this week other than getting our pday changed. We taught out investigators and went to class, no big deal. I did have kind of a cool experience with one of our investigators. We were going to teach about baptism to both of the investigators, and we did with Irmao Porter (yes, he committed to be baptized, he was a dream investigator, which was lame, if you're gonna make up characters, at least make up good ones;)), but when we got to teach Irmao Olson, he started telling us he was a prophet because he had had a "vision" while he was sleeping. He told us that he was walking in the desert and he'd seen a tree covered in light (does this sound like Lehi's dream to anyone? Real original;)) and at the base of it was the Book of Mormon and so he knew it was good and he invited all of his friends and family to come get it. So he was telling us he knew that the church was good and true, but that he was a prophet. So we did a 180 on the lesson. In the lesson before with Irmao Porter I had forgotten to use two of the scriptures that I had planned, and so for this lesson I just opened right to them, and they were about the Holy Ghost and how he puts thoughts into our hearts and minds and so I added in that that also involved dreams. It was great! I think he understood he wasn't a prophet, so that was good;). Then we just discussed it and I stuck in there that we could always have the Holy Ghost with us if we were baptized and then to poor Sister Hayes' surprise, even though she hadn't wanted to, I invited him to be baptized, and he said yes;). He talked about how serious it was and he wasn't ready, but I told him we would help him prepare, then he wanted to baptized right away and I had to convince him to wait until May 5th haha. Yes, I did say that in Portuguese, don't ask me to say it again because there is no way I will be able too;). We taught the same teacher yesterday for the last time (he's going on vacation until May 12 and when he gets back he's getting a new district instead of staying with us) and he always does crazy things when he prays, even though we've taught him over and over how to pray, and while he was praying, he looked up and I guess Sister Hayes was giving him a super scary glare and they just burst out laughing and we had to pause because we were all laughing so hard! I wouldn't want to be glared at by her! She's awesome, but when she's unhappy, she's super scary;).
Today we get a new teacher, her name is Irma Dangerfield (I don't know if she has any relationship to Ms. Dangerfield the teacher, Mom, what do you think? She served in Brazil.), and we haven't met her yet, so it could be interesting. I'm sad that Irmao Olson is leaving. He's pretty entertaining, he always slaps the walls and the chalkboard (usually so hard that he leaves handprints and the chalk comes off on his hand!) and throws stuff. He's a great guy haha.
There's not much else to say, it was a pretty boring week, though we did enjoy the sun, it was great to study outside rather than in! I'm sure I'll think of something more to say on Friday when I email again. Thank you all for the letters and packages! The lemon cake is all gone and most of the bars, I love lemon! It was all delicious and I might have to request more of that cake;). Have a great week! Love ya!
Love always,
Sister Wach

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