Monday, June 17, 2013

Ola Família!
Thanks for the cool pictures Mom, and for not sending as many this time;). Tell Michelle her baby is adorable! The pictures of my plaque are cool! Tell Katiebug she looks gorgeous! I saw a little girl who looked like her the other day, it was fun:).
This week was good, and hard too. We had a couple days where we just walked and no one would talk to us and all our lessons fell through. It was awful! But then we had some really fabulous days too. There were a few days where we had a few just really good lessons and I talked a ton! It was sad though, we didn't hit ANY of our weekly goals, not one! We also got to have interviews with President and see Sister Fluckiger this week. That was fun. They're awesome. We also are getting a new apartment! We walked past it and we're supposed to walk through and see if it's suitable later, but the outside is REALLY gross haha, so we'll see. You never know with the houses in Portugal, it could be really gross outside and be absolutely gorgeous inside. The scary dog when we run, he was tied up this week, so that was great! It was also the Espirito Santo festival again this week! They paraded decorated cows through the streets and sang and carried Espirito Santo flags! It was crazy:). We also taught some really awesome people. Eleitos! We're teaching Natacha, who is just awesome and I can't even believe she's Portuguese because I always forget when we're with her, she's just awesome. She even texted us to set up the next lesson, which is CRAZY! Then we're teaching some people from Brazil, Maria and Wilson. Wilson is like halfway into 1 Néfi and we've only taught one lesson and Maria is just great too! Then we're teaching Carlos who understands the lessons really well, and Valdamiro, who we think thinks we're annoying, but he came to church this week and we didn't even have to go get him! I think he likes church a lot, just not us. He looked really spiffy too! Then we're still teaching Cátia, but she's not really progressing, so that's sad. We also ate out this week so that was awesome! We'd been smelling the place for weeks but couldn't eat there:P. So we ate there on Tuesday. We wanted to visit the caves today, but everything is closed on Mondays, which is depressing! We're gonna watch a movie with the Elders instead at a members house! Oh, can you send me stories and information about our family history?! We're doing an activity about it next week, and I don't have anything! Maybe talk with Gma Wach? Love you! Sorry, I'm out of time! Have a good week!~
Love, Sister Wach

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