Monday, December 2, 2013

Hey Mom!

Sounds like things are going well there!  If I don't email on this coming Monday, it's because I've been transferred. I'm in the hot seat this transfer as I've been in this area two now, so we'll see. Though it's to bad that no one wants to come to Portugal because the weather isn't half bad. I didn't even wear a jacket today. The sun is shining, the sky is clear, and there is a nice crisp breeze. It's a beautiful P-day! Too bad we aren't doing anything cool this week because we only pick bad weather days to do cool stuff:P. I'm glad that everyone likes my newsletter thing, it was not anything to special, but that is really what I've learned from the mission. There really is so much to be done that I wasn't doing before. Also, I hope that I do get some letters;). I never get any except the wonderful ones that you send. Everyone else has forgotten I exist and I'm not even halfway through my mission yet;) Though speaking of that, tomorrow is my 8 month mark! Wooot! Super insane. Time flies! That's really cool about Alex! I wish we could do something like that here! Maybe then people wouldn't think we were TJs...:P. We get mistaken as them all the time and it's super annoying. I'm way cooler than any old lady TJ and I've got the truth and you don't have to study 2 years to have it. They love to Bible bash, I just always walk away. No reason to play games with someone who doesn't want to accept the truth. You didn't go Black Friday shopping?! Sad. Next year, I'll drag you out and you'll go with me because you'll have missed me so much;).

Well, I don't have much longer left because I just spent half of my computer time (we pay for it and it's not cheap) helping a sweet little lady figure out how to use her computer and get her plane ticket off of an email her husband had sent her. I hope she can figure it out now because I still haven't written President:). Naughty Sister Wach. That cute little lady, just walked over and asked me if I'd stolen one of her papers. Portuguese people, I swear. Crazies:).

This week was good though. We taught people and we spent a lot of time working with members and some projects that we're working on here in the ward to try and get the members to give us references. We also had a movie night like we had in Ponta Delgada and that was really fun. We had ward counsel and the members keep being like we need to have good activities, so that we can help to integrate the new members and they can bring their friends, but they just talk about how whatever they need to do it needs to be well planned and blah blah blah. Then I presented the idea to do a movie night during the counsel and bishop just kind of brushed it off because it needed to be well planned and they talked for about a second about doing it once a month. So afterward I went to the secretary in the ward and I told him to write down an announcement that we were having "Noite de Cinema" at 7 that night. So we did. Poor bishop. He called afterward to see how it went, and I must say for myself that it went fabulously! We had 19 people there (the first one!!), they were the firm members plus also some less actives and lots of recent converts. It was so great! We watched the Testaments and a lot of them cried! Not a dry eye in the whole chapel! We're doing it again next week too. The only bummer was that then afterwards we had to clean up all the popcorn that the children had scattered over the WHOLE church! We also had Thanksgiving! Sister Stokes and I made a ton of food! We had meatloaf instead of turkey, but it turned out good:). We had to use a bunt pan to cook it in though, so it looked silly:). The elders almost died when they saw all the food. Needless to say we used all of our money for the week on that and instead ate lots of sandwiches and spaghetti the rest of the week:). Sister Stokes sent her mom pictures so just look at her blog haha:)

Love you mom! Sorry that this is so short!

Love always,

Sister Wach

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  1. I can't believe you've only got 10 more months left--time is "flyin'" by for you it seems. Our Elder Michael has been out for almost 7 months...which is hard to believe, too. He in Mantes-la-Ville, about 37 miles from Paris, France now after serving 3 1/2 months in Brussels. I was so proud of you that you "took the bull by the horn" and scheduled that Movie night there--awesome! That movie is a Teary one, for sure. You are working hard, Sister Megan, and I love you and appreciate your worthiness to serve the Lord. I am mailing you a Christmas Card/Newsletter today to your Mission Home address. Love and hugs, Aunt Wanda...P..S. I am assuming you get to read these Comments...