Thursday, December 19, 2013

Hey Mom!
6 Sisters in the same apartment is alright. We get along well, and we figured out the showering stuff more or less, it's just whoever gets there first! The last person has it the worst because they have like 10 minutes to shower and to get ready! Poor things! But two of them moved out today as they were just waiting for their apartment to be ready. They're office sisters, the first in our mission! Let's see, in our apartment there is Sister Williams and I, then Sister Taylor and Sister Carrol, and then the two who moved out are Sister Duran and Sister Rivieros (she's from Peru and she's 39!!! She cooks for us sometimes, but we're awful because we don't eat it... it's gross haha). I don't know much about any of them because we only see each other at night right before we go to bed, and in the morning when we get up. They seem like nice people, I'm sure they are. My face is alright, it was getting better when I was in Benfica, but it's really humid here in Feijo and so it's getting worse again. I think I must be allergic to the humidity or something because both now and when I was in Ponta Delgada I was having problems with having red eyes too. Super annoying. My ears are the same. My retainer not might make it to the end of my mission, I'm grinding it during my sleep, so I try not to wear it as often. But, no worries, all is good, nothing that I can't wait on. 
So, I have no idea about how Skype is going to work. In Benfica we had 3 people offer to have us over to eat at their house and to call home at Christmas. Here, absolutely no one. The sisters here don't even know the members. That's really sad to me, the members are one of my favorite parts. I'll let you know next week what the plan is. Also, I sent out that package to you today. Sorry, it's nothing special.
Also, I do not want to hear anything about the Hobbit. Just passing the advertisements here I have to close my eyes! Haha
Well, this week was good. We worked REALLY hard. I like Sister Williams, she likes to work hard and we push each other. We've been teaching some cool people, we're teaching a family, but the kids are not allowed to listen to us anymore, so that's a really big bummer because they're fantastic and they all want to be baptized. One of them is still going to be baptized because he's 24 and the mother gave him permission, so we're excited about that. Whenever we teach there, the spirit is just really really strong. The poor little 13 year old though, when she was telling us, she just was sobbing. Also, the Sister Training Leaders came for a division with the other sisters in our house, and man, I felt good afterwards! Sister Nigri just kept talking about how awesome I was and how much she'd heard about me. She says that she's been told that I have a really powerful contact! So that was super cool for me:).
Oh, also, lots of funny things happened this week. First, someone told Sister Duran that I talk in my sleep in Portuguese. No idea who, so that's a little creepy because it means someone is spreading my secrets around the mission... haha. Second, remember how Dad told me to get an electric blanket? Well I did, and I didn't think it was likely to work, but I figured I would try it anyway, well I finally tried it this week, and there was a HUGE pop and sparks! It was great! Then, I also ate octopus!!! We ate it at a members house and it was awful! They'd caught it the day before and they cooked it with rice and it was stringy and chewy and you could totally tell that it was tentacles and the sucking cups and then there were random unrecognizable parts! Yikes! Also, I get to give a talk on Sunday about Christmas, it's gonna be interesting. 
Well, I'm sorry, but I'm out of time already, I have no idea how that happened. I'll find out what the plan is for calling, and I'll let you know next week. 
Love you!
Sister Wach
Oh, and I've sent some pictures, two should be sent to Sister Pinto as she will recognize both... one is Pedro here in Almada, and the other, Santa, is Adão in Benfica! The other of me is my reaction when I realized how much crap I had to pack to transfer!

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