Monday, October 7, 2013

Hey Mom!

Things here are great. We're working hard. We're a little dry when it comes to investigators, but we've got some really great appointments with some this week. All Brazilians. I have a hard time understanding Brazilian Portuguese. It's SO different. The accent is just SO different. We talk with lots of shhhing noises and the words are said as if you were saying them like they're read, so noite sounds like 'noit' with a silent e like we would do in english. But it's going good. I still speak with an american accent, but I'll get it soon enough. 

The weather has been nice again, so that's great. I don't really know what we've been up too. The days all just blend together, but the last few days have been awesome with conference. Earlier this week I got to do some training with the Sister Training Leader, Sister Santos, and that was awesome. Turns out she was Sister Davis' last comp before me and so S. Davis talked about her a lot. It was funny because S. Santos (de Brazil) and I do like everything a like (because S. Davis was her second comp, you kind of find your way of teaching with your second comp), and so it was hilarious to notice all the similarities! Saturday we watched the Relief Society broadcast in the morning and then we got to go to President and Sister Fluckiger's house to watch conference!! It was so awesome! It was from 5-7, the first session, and it was great. I felt like the whole thing was about member missionary work. Sister Fluckiger made a delicious dinner too, which was awesome. We had barbequed hamburgers. It was like being in the US. It was cool too because there was also an RM there with her fiance. It just happened to be Sister Gangee, the trainer of Sister Davis, which then makes her my grandma in the mission (if that doesn't make sense, ask Dakota or any other missionary)! That was cool. She's marrying one of her converts from the mission. He went inactive when she left his area and has been for a year, but now he's going back to church because of her, so at least that's good. The power of women não eh?. Then on Sunday we went and watched the Priesthood Session in Portuguese with one of our investigators, André, who is moving to Angola this week, so that stinks because he loves the idea of the temple. Then we watched the Saturday afternoon session and the Sunday morning session at President's house again and we got to eat more delicious food. I brought Tarte dos Três. It was a hit and S. Fluckiger wanted my recipe! Oh yeah! There was the cutest little recent convert there, and she felt just SO privileged to be there! She is probably 70 and she was just shaking with excitement and amazement at the beautiful house the WHOLE time. Darling~.

Today we went to the ZOO! You know how I feel about the zoo. No thanks. But they have DOLPHINS. It was super expensive to go, but the dolphins made it all worth it. I'll show you the videos in a year. They had an awesome dolphin show. We went with the elders in our district, the office elders, so that was really fun, and before that we ate at the Brazilian restaurant. I don't know how everyone here has been eating there for three transfers. I can't eat there anymore. Haha. 

Well, got to go! Thanks for everything!! Love you tons!

Sister Wach

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