Monday, October 28, 2013

Hey Mãe!
I bought myself some really ugly rain boots this week. The next time
that you send one of those flat packages, do you think that you
could send the church magazines for November? It takes a really long
time for us to get them here, and I'd really love to read the talks
again, plus I miss the New Era and Friend:). If not, no worries:).
Jessica loved the stuff that you sent and she was super excited about the ring, Jessica's friend in the ward, Bruna, she just
turned 8 and was baptized yesterday (more later on that) and so I gave her one also. They love them. Sister Briggs did get transferred, she's now in Viseu, and my new comp, is coming from there, her name is Sister Stokes (I think) and she only has one transfer less than I do. I haven't met her yet because right now I'm waiting in the area of Lapa (the area where the cruise ships dock) with the sisters for her to get here from the 4 hour bus ride (can I just say that I am jealous of four hours to sit and do nothing? haha). I'm hoping that we'll be good friends.
Well, this week was good. We had another rough one, but it was still
good. It rained lots, and it's starting to be a little cold. I don't
think I've ever been as wet as this week. It was like once a day there was a flash flood. I even, as I said, bought some really ugly
rain boots. It's good though, only the elect walk in the rain:). Oh,
remember last week how I wrote about that weird phone call that we
got? Haha, well he called back on Tuesday morning and I answered
because I didn't save the number in the phone, and oh man, hilarious, and awful:). I couldn't really understand him the first time he talked on Monday, but it was super easy the next time. It was a wrong number, a really wrong number. He was really surprised that our services as missionaries were free and he wanted to meet up at night on Thursday. I don't know if that got the point across to you, but Sister Briggs and I had a good laugh. He was Brazilian, and he kept calling us "raparigas," which is no big deal in the portuguese that I speak, it just means girls, but in Brazilian Portuguese it doesn't mean that haha. Oh, and one of the recent converts from our area, he came to a class that the ward members do every week... drunk! Way drunk haha. It's so interesting that I had no idea how to tell that stuff, and now... the stuff you learn on the mission:). He's a good guy, he comes to church every week (sometimes drunk) but he'll figure it out, he's just going through a rough patch. So, not much else has happened this week, I really have no idea what to write about, a lot of the mission is the same. Like I said above, one of the ward members got baptized, so that was really cool. Her dad was in charge of everything, and the
poor guy had no idea what he needed to do. We offered to help but he
said he had it under control (then, 15 minutes after the service was
supposed to start, he asked us to make programs for it haha, and
nobody turned on the font because they didn't know how and so I did it during the second hour of church... good thing she's small:)), it
turned out really good though, he even cried, so that was awesome to
see:). They've been members for about three years, and the whole
family was baptized:). They're going to go to the temple in December
to be sealed. The older brother baptized Bruna, so that was cool too. As missionaries, we can only hope that the people that we baptize will stay, and I hope that the elders who found this family know what an asset this family has been to the ward:). I hope that I can find people like that also:). They asked Sister Briggs and I to do a special musical number right before, so she played the guitar, and I sang, we sang Secret Prayer (I think that's what it's called in English, in Portuguese it's Secreta Oração), it turned out good. It was really cool to get to be there and see that, especially since so many people are converts, it's awesome to see the next generation:), and to see the way that this gospel changes lives. It's amazing to see the miracles in peoples' lives. On Sunday, during the baptism, a woman spoke, and she asked why didn't she receive the gospel when she was younger, and she wished that she had, and then the next speaker said the same. I just think about how spoiled I've been, to be born and raised in a family that really values the gospel, where I never lived in another way. I've been truly blessed, and I'll never take that for granted again. This gospel really is true, and I'm so grateful for all that it's done in my life. Well, today has been really nice so far. The office elders took me to Lapa to stay with the sisters there (Sisters Hayes (my MTC comp) and Baird) and it's just been so refreshing. They're like a burst of fresh air:). I love you all! We're gonna go to a German store and I'm super excited because I hear that they have some great stuff, Sister Sandholtz always talked about it and how I needed to go there, and now I finally will:).
Love ya tons! Thanks again for everything!
Love always,
Sister Wach

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  1. Fun to read of the experiences Megan is having, except the "lice" experience bothered me....yuck. Oh, my...the things she is learning. I am so proud of Sister Megan and her positive attitude and her worthiness to serve the Lord. Love, Aunt Wanda