Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hey Mommy!
I'm still here in Odivelas because transfers are next week and so I haven't been moved yet. I'll know next Sunday night:). We don't really know what's going on, and can't even predict what is going to happen. We know that a lot of sisters are coming in this transfer (only 13, which is nothing compared to the 35 that came in with me, but is more than we've had since then) so we think that our area will stay open, we just don't know which one of us will stay, but we don't think that we'll stay together. I got the envelope you sent, it was cool.
Odivelas is a really great area. The members are great, they never feed us, (and I don't think they ever will because now the mission has changed the rules about eating with members because the members must now invite an investigator- the only member who was feeding us said that he won't be anymore because there isn't enough room in his house for an investigator also) but they're still great. Soccer mania has been good, but Portugal is out, so things are a little less crazy:), though everyone is still interested in watching the other games. The weather is blasted hot. I don't know how I'm going to survive another summer. It's kind of miserable haha. 
I really like the scripture you sent, it reminds me of Luke 22:32, which is a fabulous scripture. When we become strong (or in other words, converted), we must then do the same for the people around us who need to be strengthened. 
This week was good. We worked like CRAZY and we had some crazy goals that we just blasted out of the water. I think that it was probably the best week that I've had in my mission, lesson and new investigators wise! We met a lot of families this week also, which is really cool, families are the best. We only had one person show up to church though. His name is Alexandre and he's 7th Day Adventist. They pretty much worship Saturday, so it was really interesting to have him there at church. It was also interesting because he's obsessed with the Bible and normally of course, since we believe in the Book of Mormon, we quote it a lot during church, which then offends investigators because we "don't use the Bible enough" but we were blessed and NO ONE quoted the Book of Mormon, all scriptures were from the Bible. Also, the lesson during Gospel Principles was about church on Sundays, and then there was a fabulous talk given about temples that was all backed up by the Bible, and the sister who gave it did a fabulous job! 
Also, we marked someone to be baptized. Sadly we talked to him the next day and he told us that he was MOVING!!! Ugh. So, on Sunday he moved WAY up north to a place called Moncorvo, which is a good hour drive by car from the closest branch. So that stinks. Hopefully the elders there will be able to meet with him and get everything figured out.
Today, we're going to go to downtown Lisboa, to the castle because it's our District Leaders last week in the mission, and he's never been. It'll be fun, but I won't lie, I've been there a billion times and I don't really want to go again. Haha, at least it'll be free with our bus passes! Sadly, today is the last day with them and they won't work anymore until we renew them, which we're going to wait to do after transfers. Looks like we're going to be doing LOTS of walking this week. 
 I read this the other day and thought that you might enjoy it. 
Love you!
Love, Sister Wach

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  1. I enjoyed reading your July 2 posting, Sister Megan. I enjoy reading of your work and other activities---you are so filled with the "Spirit" and this Mission you are serving will be a terrific foundation for you, your future husband and your future children. I am humbly PROUD of you, dear Megan. xoxoxoxoxo