Monday, September 16, 2013


Hey Mom,

How is life? Well I have no idea what to write about and I have to write fast as I think I've probably taken to much time. My new comp still hasn't gone and so I should probably give her a chance since we only have one computer, which I'm so not gonna keep emailing like this. It's such a waste of time to only have one computer and each of you only do a little bit of time for free at the office instead of going to a library or something and then both of you doing it at the same time. But ya:).

Well, I'm exhausted. This day has been crazy. I got up before the sun and I went to the airport and my comp for the day was Elder Manzke, which was fun. He's cool. It was really sad to leave the island though. All the members were really sad (I got called the "best sister missionary to ever come to Ponta Delgada." Compliment anyone?:)) and I was sad too. It's sad to think that I will probably never go back there again or ever see those people again in my whole life. But now, I've gone from cows, an ocean view, and the biggest apartment in the mission, to skyscrapers, tons of people, and the smallest house in the mission. Well, less to clean. I've already seen more people outside today than I would in a whole week in Ponta Delgada and we haven't even started working! My new comp is Sister Briggs. I miss Sister Sandholtz and Elder Brooksby (he's my twin in the mission he said:)) but now I'm gonna get to see Elder Fuller again. I told him I really wasn't stalking him and he laughed. It will be a good transfer I think. I'm just ready to get to work! 

Well, absolutely nothing interesting at all happened this week. Serious. Nothing. This week might as well have not even happened haha. We had no new investigators (at least not who were progressing), our man who is marked for baptism was in Santa Maria all week and so he isn't progressing. Plus the fact that transfers were coming up was a bit stressful too. We ate at Bruno's house on Sunday after we found out I was being transferred and I have never been so stressed out about packing and cleaning in my whole life. Haha, Elder Brooksby was just like, "Deep breaths Sister Wach," but I couldn't do it haha. Ana and Cátia did take us out to McDonald´s though, so that was cool and really nice of them. 
Well I've got to go, I'm sorry this was so short, but P-day has been a little crazy. There is a letter on it's way though that I sent from the airport today:). 
Love you! 
Have a great week!
Love always,
Sister Wach

from Ricki - she was sent to Benfica - outside of Lisbon.  You can mail her letters/packages to the mission home and she will walk over and get them:)


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