Monday, August 12, 2013

Ola Mãe! 

I hope all is well at home, thanks for the email and the cute pictures. You'll have to take really good care of Sister Pinto (or Rodrigues in Utah I guess) and give her lots of hugs (her mom always hugs me) and just make sure everything is good because her mom spoils me. She spends whole days helping us teach and she always has food for us. She's always making sure that we have our fruit everyday and she's been helping us apartment shop (talk about stressful). Next week she's taking us to Lagoa do Fogo too and she's taken me all around the whole island! She's taught me some cool recipes and when we didn't shop after I spent all day with her, she like unloaded all her pantry and gave it to me plus leftovers from that day and another. 
Awww, Kim´s baby was born? How awesome that they spent time with you, I'm jealous, it's hard not to be allowed to hold babies:). Aww, I'm so glad Sister Davis´ (Kelsey!!! weird) went well. She emailed me this week and she says that she is going to come over and make arroz e feijão for Dad:). I want to hear her talk! I'm sure she did fabulous:).
Well, this week was good. A little rough just due to settling in with a new companion. Getting used to the area again, the different ways that we learned to be missionaries, our schedules e etc. My new companion is great, I miss Sister Davis though, but if I can't have her, I'm glad to have Sister Sandholtz. She speaks good Português, so that's good because we can figure it out together. We're gonna teach each other. 
Monday though, while I was waiting for her, was really fun, I have some gorgeous pictures, but I think I forgot the cord for my camera. I'm gonna send my SD card to you in the mail though because I filled it up and I've already got a 100 on the other, so it only has space for 3,900 more so I'm sure I'll be sending it home soon;). I learned how to make Levado and some weird soup and how to correctly make the tart that she made S. Davis and I the other day and then they dragged me all over the island. It was fun. I got to see some beautiful beaches and Sete Cidades again in the sunlight and then she helped me teach a lesson. Their family is really great. 
I can't really remember much else of what I did because normally I write in my journal what I've done and then I just read it and tell you, but I haven't written in my journal oops:). But we did our normal activites, we talked with people in the road, we walked lots we taught a few lessons, we had the visita guiada and we had our noite familiar. It was a good week. This week will be good too because the ramo is gonna have a BBQ and we get to go! I'm super excited and the Elders said we can wear regular clothes since we're gonna play soccer! I'm super excited. Not much happened this week. Oh, though we did find out that the mission office in Lisboa got robbed by a recent convert (who was baptized by our new ZL here in the Açores since E. Fuller was transfered), who stole the keys from the mission secretaries (they thought that'd misplaced the keys, and so they'd been leaving the mission office and the chapel unlocked at night!) and the recent convert slit all the suitcases that were there and stole stuff from them. I don't think I had anything valuable, but I might not have any winter clothes, so that's kind of depressing. I'm just hoping my pink coat (and my makeup and contacts) is still there because I have been so so excited to wear it. We won't know what's been stolen until we go back to the continent, which we have no idea when that will be. Could be forever. When we get there we're supposed to go through and see what's missing, that is if I can remember what I even had there. Don't worry though, because I'm not worried, so you don't need to talk to Sister Fluckiger about it haha. Well at least Sister Davis left me enough clothing that I can't complain too much. 
Oh, I have a recipe for you! I was gonna send it in the mail, but I'll just type it out, it's the tart that Imanuel, the son of Irmã Alexandra, made. You'll have to use the internet to calculate the ingredients and translate the words though.
Tart dos Três
1 lata leite condensada (condensed milk, 370 g)
2 packotes de natas (I think this is cream 200 g each)~
3 ovos (eggs)
It doesn't call for sugar, but it's way better with it, so 2+ cups of sugar
masa filhada (it's some type of sweet dough that we buy premade here)
mexer tudo
then you put it inside of the dough inside of a pan for 40 minutes
20 mins 200 C
20 mins 170 C
the top should be kind of crusty, if it's not crusty and instead is kind of jello-y it needs more time in the oven
Love you! Until next week! ~
Com Muito Amor,
Sister Wach


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