Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ola Familia!
Tudo bem?!
So I finally understand what everyone says about the MTC. It's great and it's awful. The food makes you sick, and you really are exhausted all of the time. My companion, Sister Hayes and I have decided that it's the Spirit that makes us so tired! Today is P-day, so we got to go to the temple. We ate lunch there, it was pretty fun. I've sent you a really long letter that should probabluy get there tomorrow. We aren't allowed to write any day except P-day, but we were supposed to write home the first day in our spare time (hahaha, spare time? Yeah right!), so please share it with the extended familia! I'm going to write them letters while I wash my laundry. Tell them thanks for the dearelder letters and that I'll try and get back to them soon:).
Life at the MTC is pretty great! We get to feel the Spirit all the time! The Portuguese is coming along. It's pretty amazing to think that I can understand a ton about the gospel! Sister Hayes and I had to teach a lesson in the TRC on Friday and we bombed it haha. We changed our lesson last second and Sister Hayes didn't say any of her part and so I was just floundering in Portuguese! We couldn't respond to anything he said. It was kind of depressing. Monday morning they surprised us with another teaching time without telling us! We prepared in twenty minutes! We just prayed, bore our testimonies, challenged him to read, and talked a little about Joseph Smith, the First Vision, and the Book of Mormon. He asked me to pray for his son at the end, and I almost freaked out because I didn't know how! Then I looked down at my paper and there it was! I already was planning on praying for the investigator, so I just added e Gustavo! It was awesome:) He even said he felt the Spirit!
The MTC is really interesting. I thought that we would have a very structured day, and we kind of do, but because there aren't enough Portuguese teachers (because the missionaries headed to the Brazil CTM haven't gotten visas, so they stay and use our teachers:P), and so instead we have lots and lots of personal study time, which is when we read our scriptures. The branch president challenged us to restart and get done by the end of the MTC, and I'm already on page 85!
I love my district, they're super awesome! Most of us are headed to Portugal, but the rest are headed to Cape Verde. There are 11 of us, three elders and 8 sisters! It's kind of crazy, but we love it. I love that we all get along so well, and that we aren't like the other districts in our building. What I mean by that is that when the other districts aren't studying and are goofying off, they're playing games and running up and down the halls, what we're doing when we should be studying and we're goofing off is talking about the gospel as a district! I love it. Haha, so the sisters in my district think that the teacher is super hot. Haha. He is pretty cute, but that is so weird.
Well, talk to you next week! Look for that letter! Love always,
Sister Wach!!
Me: I asked her where her companion was from:
Meg: Vegas is her home town, but her family just moved to Riverton!:) She's 19. We have the exact same personality! We get along great:) I love her:)
Me: she said that she went to the temple - I asked what time: and if other missionaries already spoke Portuguese and then we talked about the teacher. lol:
Meg: We went at 10:15. We did a session, there were tons of missionaries! No, not really, but a few speak Spanish and a few took a semester of Portuguese:). He's cute, but here's the thing, the other sisters talk about him all day, but I am over it haha I think it's because I haven't thought about any guys except Dakota for 18 months that it's so easy for me to not notice haha:) Yeah I got your emails and texts too. Okay thanks! Because Gma and Cherie and Jim have written several times and I don't know when I'm gonna write back!
Me: I asked where Cape Verde was and I asked about the people that "they teach"
Meg: Africa! They're not real investigators, they're volunteer members who speak Portuguese and pretend to be investigators:) It was just to test how I was doing with Portuguese:
Time to go:(
Meg: We have thirty minutes no matter when we use it, so we came in to check emails quick so we would know what to write back:P Sister Hayes and I didn't have any:P In fact, she got her first letter yesterday! Poor thing
Me:  I asked a few more questions
Sim. Sim. Sim. Haha I wrote about the first two in my letter! I must go! I love you! I'm out of time! 22 seconds left! and I must be exact! Exact obedience brings miracles! Love, Sister Wach

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